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Customs to auction leftover, fresh lots at MTO/QFS/QICT on 15th

Customs to auction leftover, fresh lots at MTO/QFS/QICT on 15th

KARACHI: Customs authorities have announced auction of leftover, rejected/miscellaneous and fresh lots vide Schedule no 48/2017 lying at Modern Terminal Operators (MTO)/ Qasim Freight Station (QFS)/ Qasim International Container Terminal (QICT) Port Qasim.

The goods that would be auctioned at MTO on August 15, include tyre scrap cut in to 03 pieces (87,350kg); aluminium foil with poly backing in rolls (400kg); printed/misprinted plastic film waste (30,090kg), coated card in sheets (200kg); printed/misprinted paper board waste in sheets (24,740kg); printed plastic film waste (2,610kg); empty container (20’); wooden scrap in loose condition (13,460kg); old & used radial / tubeless car tyres of different sizes and brands (1523 Pcs. 8095 Kg); old & used motorcycle tyres of assorted sizes and models (37 Pcs. 75kg) and used tyre scrap cut in to pieces (13,580kg approx).

The goods that would be auctioned at QICT, include dextrose monohydrate (BP USP) pharmaceutical/ food grade, each bag (25kg net, mfg date 23.12.2016, expiry date: two year from the date of production: China) (201,985kg); used gear hobbing machine (2 units 6000kg); used drill press machine (3 units 3000kg); used industrial step gear boxes (7 units 7000kg); used ventilation box system (1 units 3000kg); Stanless Steel Bars (6000 kg); used air conditioner (1 unit); used air conditioner portable (2 units); used profile projector (40 Pcs); used industrial blower (21 Pcs); used drill machine (10 Pcs); used batter 6-12 volt (12 Pcs); used lap top battery (83 Pcs); used hammer machine (1 Pc); used router (145 Pcs), used refrigerator (4 doors) Size: outer dimension: 1870mm x 591mm x 710mm (1 Pc); used refrigerator (01 door) Size: outer dimension: 730mm x 1710mm x 750mm (2 Pcs); CFC Gas Cylinders (3 Pcs (30kg)); old and used Nissan dumper truck, Chassis No. CGB45AS00091, Engine No. PF6-163465C (1 unit); old and used TV different brands and I/Os, (colour televisions) 26″ (32 Pcs); TV 21″ TV (Brand – Aiwa) with DVD, VCD) (52 Pcs); 17″ TV (Brand Sony, Aiwa, Panasonic) (18 Pcs); used CRT monitors, size 15″ and 17″ (585 Pcs); used steam generator in dismantled condition complete with accessories & attachments comprising of iron & steel structures, cylinders, iron & steel connection pipes / joints, etc, i/o, brand: Beabcock Wanson Specification: (Embossed on identification plate) model no. ESM2000, serial no. AK8015/05165418 output F&A 100C: 2237 Kg/h, 4932 lb/h Max Operating Pressure: 10 Bar.g, 145 p.s.i.g design temperature: 192, 03 phase Electrical Supply: 400v/50 hz, Control: 430v/ 50hz Fuel: natural gas (1 unit); used Toyota fork lifter truck with attachments (1 unit); plastic sheet scrap (mix bundles) (PCT CODE: 3915.3000) (67,650kg); PVC crushed (PCT CODE: 3915.3000) (22,170kg); Duplex Coated Board Paper in sheets of standard quality, I/O: not shown (25,550kg); PPR pipe cutting scrap (plastic) (PCT CODE: 3915.3000) (18,830kg); wooden scrap in loose condition (111,980kg) and waste paper): mix paper cutting scrap, comprising of poly cutting, aluminium foil with paper backing, plastic strip curing. rest ii) self-adhesive sticker paper in reels, 1000kg approx (Total weight 22390kg).