Friday , January 18 2019
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Customs seizes smuggled goods worth Rs 44m in July

Customs seizes smuggled goods worth Rs 44m in July

LAHORE: Model Customs Lahore anti-smuggling department has seized smuggled goods and articles worth Rs 40 million during the month of July.

According to details, the anti-smuggling department seized ladies cloth worth Rs 0.44 million, 617.28 kgs parachute fabric worth Rs 0.35 million, A/S cloth 410kgs worth Rs 0.29 million, diesel generator (3 Nos) 39KVA worth Rs 1.20 million, diesel generator 275.300 KVA worth Rs 2.00 million and apprehended miscellaneous goods worth Rs 1.30 million.

Similarly, the department held one Honda Civic car IDS-686 worth Rs 1.0 million, Honda Accord car LEE-08-7217, Toyota Corolla car IDF-8075 worth Rs 0.80 million, Toyota Crown car R-2790 worth Rs 0.30 million, DVD & cloth worth Rs 1.40 million, ladies suiting cloth 300 rolls worth Rs 0.75 million and miscellaneous goods and articles worth Rs.0.75 million.

The anti-smuggling squad also seized diesel generator 500 KVA worth Rs 2.00 million, Gerry cloth 6048 kgs worth Rs 3.00 million, Indian cloth 10000 metres worth Rs 1.0 million, dry milk powder 250 bags, diesel generators 1200 KVA and 20 KVA worth Rs 9.16 million, Mazda truck LES-13-6071 worth Rs 0.12 million and diesel generator 75KVA worth Rs 0.70 million.

The department also detained A/S cloth 2460 yards worth Rs 0.25 million, HRC coil 35425 kgs worth Rs 3.04 million, steel coil 12 tonnes worth Rs 1.20 million, polyester lining cloth 135000 yards worth Rs 0.70 million, Toyota Corolla car LXE-786 worth Rs 0.80 million and MS pipe 2543 kgs worth Rs 3.44 million.

The department confiscated body of a Mazda truck/LES-09-1916 worth Rs 0.12, plastic dana 100 bags worth Rs 0.50 million, old & used generators worth Rs 1.80, Indian A/S cloth 9300 yards worth Rs 0.58 million, diesel generator 100 KVA worth Rs 1.00 and shampoo, creams and spray 12156 packs worth Rs 1.28.

An insider said that the seized goods and articles were originated in the US, India, Iran and Russia and were attempted to smuggle in Pakistani markets from Peshawar and Quetta.

Earlier, during the month of June 2013, the department confiscated smuggled vehicles and contraband goods worth Rs 29.48 million in 49 cases. The total duty taxes evasion of these goods was Rs 15.95 million.

When compared with the month of June 2013, seizures in July were more than double as the anti-smuggling department had seized smuggled vehicles and contraband worth Rs 8.22 in 18 cases in June.

Sources said that the rising number of seizures happened due to strict implementation of instructions given by Collector Customs Junaid Akram as the collector had ordered the officials concerned to fully utilise all available resources to overcome the menace of smuggling.

Sources added that the department was quite aware of the fact that domestic industry was suffering from hefty losses due to the rising trend of smuggling.