Sunday , January 21 2018
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Customs seizes Rs 5.5m smuggled goods in seven raids

Customs seizes Rs 5.5m smuggled goods in seven raids

LAHORE: Directorate of Customs Investigation and Intelligence (preventive) has seized Rs 5.5 million illegal goods in seven raids involving duty and taxes worth Rs 3.3 million and arrested two accused.

According to details, the directorate impounded cosmetics and miscellaneous goods worth Rs 1 million from a truck (LHO-9090).

The anti-smuggling team seized 2,418 wind screens worth Rs 1.35 million involving duty taxes worth Rs 959,606.

Similarly, the team seized Indian-origin tyres and nylon worth Rs 225,000, including duty taxes evasion of Rs 130,597. In another raid, the directorate confiscated illegal cloth worth Rs 1.08 million, involving duty taxes worth Rs 507,007. The wing also impounded Iranian tiles alongwith a mini truck (LSE-1187). The truck was loaded with 650 cartons of tiles worth Rs 520,000, involving duty taxes Rs 334,700.

In two other raids, the anti-smuggling unit seized 5,939 yards of ladies linen cloth, 211 cartons of shampoos, heavy quantity of Lifebuoy soap, tooth paste, Pentene Pro-V worth Rs 1.07 million, involving duty taxes of Rs 635,590.

The anti- smuggling unit also seized Indian pan parag and gutka worth Rs 250,000, involving duty and taxes Rs 146,937.

Official sources said that the goods and articles were seized at different entry points of Lahore arresting two accused person.

They added that seizures were made under the instructions of Customs Director Imtiaz Ahmad Khan and surveillance of Customs Intelligence and Investigation Superintendent Rauf Farooqi and Inspector Muhammad Hussain.

The sources added that the smugglers used vehicles worth Rs 4 million in transporting the smuggled items from Quetta and Peshawar to Lahore.