Thursday , May 24 2018
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Customs seizes contraband goods before Eid at AIIA

Customs seizes contraband goods before Eid at AIIA

LAHORE: The customs officials have confiscated about three alcohol bottles, huge quantity of mobile accessories, instruments of dental surgery and spare parts from passengers travelling via different flights during raids on the Allama Iqbal International Airport.

Sources told Customs Today that officers conducted operations in different flights coming from different countries. These actions were taken against the passengers of the flights coming from Dubai to Lahore, Turkey to Lahore and Jeddah to Lahore. The customs took action in Pakistan International Airlines, Turkish Airways, Gulf Air and Saudi Air flights.

During actions in these flights, customs staff recovered three bottles of alcohol. Customs allowed all the passengers to go after confiscation of alcohol bottles.

Customs has also confiscated one LED of 40 inches from the luggage of a passenger. Cell phones, wireless sets and 50 kilograms of mobile accessories were also recovered from Lahore airport. About 200 mobile chargers were also recovered from a passenger coming from China while 40 kg instruments of dental surgery were also recovered from a passenger of a flight coming from China. About 25 kilogram medicines were also seized from a passenger.

The security officers have launched an investigation into the matter.

All the items were impounded during a tight and active vigilance of the customs staff at Lahore airport. Customs has started checking all the luggage of the passengers before Eid.