Thursday , October 18 2018
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Customs seizes 321 mobiles from two passengers at AIIA

Customs seizes 321 mobiles from two passengers at AIIA

LAHORE: The customs officials have confiscated as many as 321 mobile phones from two passengers travelling on a flight from Sharjah to Lahore during a raid on the Allama Iqbal International Airport.

Sources told Customs Today that officers executed the operations in the flight during a routine checking.

During the action in the flight, customs staff recovered 321 mobile phones from two passengers. The customs arrested both accused from a flight of the Airblue from Sharjah. Accused were identified as Abdul Rehman and Nasir, residents of Lahore. Cases were also registered against the accused. The customs shifted them to an unknown place for further investigation.

The security officers have launched an investigation into the matter.

The value of the recovered mobile phones is more than Rs6million in Pakistani market. Recovered mobile phones are of different brands including Apple-I phones, Samsung, Nokia, Xiomi and HTC.

The customs has expedited the checking of the luggage of the passengers, especially coming from European countries. The smuggling attempts are being aborted by the customs authorities vigorously. A number of attempts of smuggling of foreign made mobile phones, accessories and other related items have also been thwarted by the customs.

The customs has started an investigation into the case. The customs will present the accused before the customs taxation and anti-smuggling court for further prosecution.