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Iran and Italy set up joint venture

Iran and Italy set up joint venture

THERAN: The Italian company Nature SRL and the Iranian company UPRO have set up a joint venture under the name UPRO NATURE. The goal of the joint venture is to grow products that comply with the quality standards of European target markets. It aims to meet these standards by combining Iranian resources with Italian modern technology.

A key part of UPRO NATURE’s strategy is sustainability. The company wants to supply products with a minimum amount of pesticides and fertilizers as well as to grow these products with a minimum of impact on the environment.

By 2020, the UPRO NATURE aims to be at the top of agricultural sector of the Middle East. The company wants to change this sector into a modern industry, as well as boost the volume of non-oil exports in the Middle East.

According to Sam Nouhi of UPRO NATURE, Iran is considered as one of the most strategic and richest countries in the field of agriculture. However, Iranian production and export has been set back by years of imposed sanctions. “One of the benefits of this joint venture is that it eases Iranian exports to a market that is set by European standards. It also allows for job opportunities, economic prosperity, and optimal use of Iran’s rich resources.

Moreover, it helps in the reduction of production costs. As for Nature SRL, the joint venture allows for a workforce that is cheaper compared to Europe. It also allows access to Iran as a strategic trade node from which the company can access new markets,” says Nouhi.

In the next five years, UPRO NATURE wants to create an acreage in Iran of at least 5,000 hectares. The technology provided by Nature SGL should provide the company with a competitive edge over other Iranian growers. It is also set to make use of the MEYRO trade mark. The main product the company will be working with is pomegranates and any processed products that are based on pomegranates, like frozen arils, pomegranate juice and pomegranate vinegar.

In the future, the company would like to expand to other products like other fresh fruits, dried vegetables or pistachios.