Wednesday , June 19 2019
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Customs Preventive to hold auction of NDP goods & vehicles today

Customs Preventive to hold auction of NDP goods & vehicles today

KARACHI: Collectorate of Customs Collectorate Preventive will hold auction of confiscated vehicles on March 19, 2019 (today). The auction will be held at State Warehouse, Ghasbandar, East Wharf, Karachi.

The vehicles which will be offered for auction includes:

  1. Mitsubishi Pajero Jeep, GS-200, Model 1994, Chassis No. Reg. GS-2000/V46-4034794.
  2. 2 Lexus car, model 2006, 3450CC, Chassis No JTHBG963905034702,
  3. Toyota Premio car VVT, Reg. No. AAH-747, model 2007, chassis no. ZZT240-0140149
  4. Toyota Harrier Jeep, Reg. No. JAA-454, Model 1998, 2999CC, Chassis No. MCU-10-0013510
  5. Toyota Hilux Surf, Reg. No. CP-0693, Model 1990, 2958CC, Chassis No. LN-130-0009771
  6. Honda Saloon Accord Car, Reg. No. BFT-418, Model 2003, 1990CC, Chassis No. LC7-3006339
  7. Toyota Land Cruiser Parado, Reg. No. BD-9380, Model 1998, 2657CC, Chassis No. RZI-90-0002888
  8. Toyota Hilux Surf SSR-X-3.0, Reg No. BD-8045, 2962CC, Chassis No. KZN-130-9048116
  9. Mercedes Benz (AG), Fake Reg. No. AB-1001, 2999CC, Chassis No. WDB1240312B4767728
  10. Toyota Mark-II Saloon Car, Reg. No. BBL-708, Model 2000, 1800HP, Chassis No. JZX110-6000922
  11. Toyota Hilux Surf, Reg. No. BD-1688, Model 1994, Chassis No. LN-130-0123784
  12. Honda Accord, Reg. No, AUX-934, Model 2004, Chassis No. CL7310078
  13. Mercedes Benz Car, Model 2001, 2000CC, Chassis No. WDB2037452A272217
  14. Toyota Axio-X car, Reg. No. BFE-068, 1496CC, Model 2007, Chassis No. NZE-141-6028039
  15. Toyota Primo Car, Reg. No. AAM-095, Model 2005, 1794CC, Chassis No. ZZT-240-5039822
  16. Honda Civic Saloon Car, Reg. No. AAM-988, Model 2007, Chassis No. FD-31001100
  17. Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep, Reg. No. BG-1131, Model 1989, 3431CC, Chassis No. BJ 60-023765
  18. Toyota Corolla Car, Model 2015, Reg. No. BDE-852, Chassis No. NZE170R4016729
  19. Toyota Crown Saloon Car, Model 2004, Reg. No. BHK-012, Chassis No. GRS182-5014910
  20. Toyota Saloon Car XE- Model 1999, 1500CC, Cassis No. AE-100-5171778