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Customs Preventive to hold auction of impounded vehicles on April 30

Customs Preventive to hold auction of impounded vehicles on April 30

KARACHI: Collectorate of Customs Preventive will hold public auction of impounded vehicles on April 30, 2019 at NMB Wharf, Ghasbandar, East Wharf, Karachi.

Following vehicles will be presented for the auction:

  1. Mitsubishi Pajero Jeep, Reg. No. GS-2000, Model 1994, Chassis No. V46-4034791
  2. Toyota Lexus Car, Model 2006, Reg. No. UC-868, Chassis No.JTHBG 963905034702
  3. Toyota Harrier Jeep 2999CC, Model 1998, Reg. No. JAA-454, Chassis No. MCU-10-0013510
  4. Honda Saloon Accord Car 1990CC, Model 2003, Reg. No. BFT-418, Chassis No. CL7-3006339
  5. Mercedes Benz (AG) 2999CC, Model 1991-02, Reg. No. AB-1001, Chassis No. WDB1240312B476728
  6. Toyota Mark-II Saloon 1800HP, Model 2000, Reg. No. BBL-708, Chassis No. JZX110-6000922
  7. Toyota Axio-Car 1496CC, Model 2007, Reg. No. BFE-068, Chassis No. NZE-141-6028039
  8. Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep 3400CC, Model 1989, Reg. No. BG-1131, Chassis No. BJ 60-023765
  9. Toyota Saloon Car XE 1500CC, Model 1999, Chassis No. AE-100-5171778
  10. Toyota Mark-X, Model 2005, Reg. No. BGB-453, Chassis No. GRX-121-3000684
  11. Toyota Premio Saloon Car 1796CC, Model 2006, Reg. No. AXE-317, Chassis No.ZZT-240-0124717
  12. Toyota Premio Saloon Car, Model 2004, Reg. No.BFM-306, Chassis No. AZT240-0017447
  13. Toyota Mark-X car, Model 2005m Reg. No. BBC-301, Chassis No. GRX-120-0042956
  14. Toyota Hilux Surf Jeep, Model 2000, Reg. No. BJ-933, Chassis No. RZN-185-9029667
  15. Toyota Vitz Car 1998 CC, Model 2004, Reg. No. RFL-1788, Chassis No. SCP-13-0048794
  16. Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep, Model 2015, Reg. No. GR-541, Chassis No. TRJ150-0051668
  17. Toyota Crown Royal Saloon, Model 2005, Reg. No. BEZ-998, Chassis No. GRS 182-1015624
  18. Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep 2982CC, Model 1996, Reg. No. LEB-06-2007, Chassis No. VZ95-0004948
  19. Chevrolet (Camero) Car 3600CC, Model 2010, Chassis No. 2GIFBIEVIA-9219497

General public is required to submit original copy of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) to take part in the auction.