Monday , December 11 2017
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Customs Preventive collects Rs1216.93m during 2016

Customs Preventive collects Rs1216.93m during 2016

ISLAMABAD: Customs Preventive department collected revenue of Rs1216.93 million and arrested 85 accused persons from January to December 2016.

Deputy Collector Shahid Jan told Customs Today that during 2016 ASO showed outstanding performance. He said that ASO also registered record number of cases against smugglers and tax evaders during the above said period.

Deputy collector said that Anti Smuggling Organization (ASO) seized huge quantity of smuggled goods consisting vehicles, narcotics, fabric, food grains, gold, currency, black tea, tyres, alloy rim, auto spare parts, mobil oil, cigarettes, LED TVs, air conditioners, mobile phones, solar fans, pirated CDs, blankets, medicines, gutka, and crockery.

He said that during previous year following special instructions of chairman FBR Nisar Muhammad Khan, Member Customs Nasir Masroor Ahmed and Collector Dr. Asrlan ASO performed well. He said that ASO team comprising Superintendent Zargam Dil and Nasir Barlas, Deputy Superintendent Rana Shakeel and Matloob Hussain Shah and other junior staff spent days and nights to get these dazzling results.

He said that the department of Investigation and Prosecution (I&P) registered 74 cases against smugglers and tax evaders during this period and arrested 87 smugglers.

The Superintendent ASO Zargam Dil told Customs Today that during the above said period, ASO collected revenue of Rs78.65 million by smuggled cloth, Rs15.99 million by seized food grains, and Rs901.7 million by confiscated 250 non custom paid and offending vehicles.

He told that during 2016 ASO collected revenue Rs1.190 million by seized pirated CDs/DVDs, Rs0.38 million by seized blankets, Rs7.95million by seized medicines, Rs1.24million by seized gutka, Rs0.19million by seized crockery, and Rs74.03million by seized miscellaneous goods. ASO also foiled currency and gold smuggling at BBI airport.