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Customs Preventive auctioning 36 used vehicles today

Customs Preventive auctioning 36 used vehicles today

KARACHI: The Customs Preventive has announced to auction 36 used vehicles today (January 3) at State Warehouse No. III behind KPT Fire Brigade Station opposite PICT Gate Kemari.

Following used vehicles will be presented for auction:

  1. Toyota Lexus Vendum, Chassis No. MCV-20-0033304/IMZ-FE
  2. Toyotal Land Cruiser Jeep, Model 1998, Reg. AFR-2013, Chassis No. HGJ-1010009450
  3. Toyota Lexus Car, Petrol, Chassis No. UZZ31-0001102
  4. Toyota Crown Car, Chassis No. JZSl71-0068841
  5. Mitsubishi Pajero Jeep, Reg; GS-2000 Model-1994, Chassis No. V46-4034791
  6. Toyota Crown Saloon Car, Model 2008, Reg. No. BEZ-998, Chassis No. GRS-202-0008805
  7. Toyota Land Cruiser Parado Jeep, Model 1996, Reg. No. BF-1735, Chassis No. KZJ-95-003350/lKZ-TE
  8. Honda Inspire Car, 2997CC Model 2003, Chassis No. UCI-1000504
  9. Honda Accord Car, Model – 2004, Chassis No. CL7310078
  10. Lexus Car, Reg No. UC-868 -ModeI-2006 – 3450 cc, Chassis No. JTHBG 963905034702
  11. Mercedes Benz Car – Model- 2001 – 2000 cc, Chassis No. WDB2037452A272217
  12. Toyota Premio Car VVT, Reg No. AAH-747 – Model-2007, Chassis No. ZZT240-0140149
  13. Toyota Hilux Surf Jeep – 2700 cc – Model-1997, Chassis No. LN 65-0049578
  14. Toyota Hilux Surf Jeep 2400 cc – Model-1991, Chassis No. LN 130-0084072
  15. Toyota land Cruiser Jeep 4700 cc Reg. No-BF-0314 – Model-2005, Chassis No. UZJ 100 0139760
  16. Toyota Hilux Surf (SSR-X) Fake PIate Reg. No. BC-5613 Model-2000 (As per Seat Belt) – 2693cc, Chassis No. RZN-185-0040781, Engine No.3RZ-FE
  17. Used Toyota Harrier Jeep, Model 1998, 2999cc, Reg No. JAA-454, Chassis No. MCU-10-0013510, Engine No. IMZ-FE6688090
  18. Toyota Prado Jeep Model 1996, 3378CC, Reg. No. LV-086, Chassis No. VZI-90-0002195
  19. Used-Toyota Hilux Surf, Model 1990, 2958CC, Reg No. CP-0693, Chassis No. LN-130-0009771
  20. Honda Saloon Accord Car, Model 2003, 1990CC, Reg No. BFT-418, Chasis No. LC7-3006339
  21. Toyota Land Cruiser, Model 1998, 2657 CC, Reg No. BD-9380, Chassis No. RZJ-90-0002888
  22. Toyota Hildux Surf, White Color, Model 2001, 2694CC, Reg No. CV-4267, Chassis No. RZN-1859039075
  23. Toyota Premeo-X-WTI Car, Model 2007, Reg No. AYJ-667, Chassis No. ZRT-260-3014675
  24. Toyota Hilux Surf Jeep Silver Color, Model 2000, 2693CC, Reg No. WAG-466, Chassis No. RZN-185-9037821
  25. Toyota Hilux Surf Jeep, Model 2000, 2693CC, Reg No (Fake) BF-3626, Chassis No. RZN 185-9037146
  26. Toyota Hilux Surf SSR-X-3.0 2962CC, Reg No. BS-8045, Chassis No. KZN-130-9048116
  27. Mercedez Benz (AG), 2999CC, Model 2002 Fake Reg No. AB-1001, Chassis No. WDB1240312B476728
  28. Toyota Mark-II Saloon Car, 1800HP, Model 2000, Reg No. BBL-708, Chassis No. JZX110-6000922
  29. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Jeep, 2982 CC, Model 1994, Reg No. BC-5212, Chassis No. KZJ-78-0015267
  30. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Jeep, Green Color, 2982HP, Model 1996, Reg No. BF-8154, Chassis No. KZJ-95-0037200
  31. Toyota Hilux Surf, Model 1994, Reg No. BD-1688, Chassis No. LN-130-0123784
  32. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Reg No. 1476, Chassis No. VZJ-95-00-64290
  33. Suzuk Motor Bike 600CC Model 1996
  34. Mitsubishi Pajero Jeep 2835 CC, Model 1996, Reg No. JAC 898, Chassis No. 446-4011752
  35. Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep, Model 1991, Reg No. BA-9270, Chassis No. 4434031
  36. Suzuki Pickup, Reg No. KU-1390