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Customs Islamabad displays adequate potential by impounding 186 vehicles & items

Customs Islamabad displays adequate potential by impounding 186 vehicles & items

ISLAMABAD: The ASO Islamabad took into possession 186 vehicles along with a large quantity of other smuggling goods worth Rs453million during July to 10th of March FY17-18.

According to details explained by Majid Hussain Gaad, Assistant Collector, Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) Islamabad, while giving an exclusive interview to Customs Today that, during above said period, the ASO Islamabad showed satisfactory performance whereas the ASO Islamabad launched a crackdown on intra-Kashmir trade. He said the ASO Islamabad seized thousands of kilograms of perishable contraband goods coming from Kashmir and destroyed Indian origin banana because it is hazardous for human health.
Majid Hussain said that the ASO Islamabad impounded Rs453.217million’s worth Non-Duty-Paid (NDP) and offending vehicles including various types of smuggling items. He further said that the ASO took into possession 157 offending vehicles valued at Rs163.87million while it did 29 NDP vehicles priced at Rs121.84million.
Assistant Collector ASO told CT that, during July to 10th of March FY17-18, the ASO confiscated contraband goods including 48924 yards of imported cloth worth Rs26.56million whereas it did 99366 kilogram of food grains including smuggling Indian origin banana, apple and many other articles. The ASO Islamabad impounded 10319kg of black and green tea priced at Rs3.045million.
Under the guidance of Zulafiqar Ali Chaudhry, Collector MCC Islamabad, the ASO is working with more confidence and energy as, during above said period, the ASO seized 778 smuggling tyres valued at Rs2.63million while ASO confiscated 17217 kilograms of auto parts worth Rs7.35million as well as it impounded 1808 kilograms of alloy rims priced at Rs0.519million.
During first eight months and 15 days of FY17-18, the ASO seized 5640 packs of fake imported smuggling cigarettes worth Rs1.22million whereas it did 4965 liters of imported mobil oil priced at Rs4.27million as well as the ASO confiscated 18153 electronic goods valued at Rs0.421million. The ASO seized 406 blankets worth Rs0.102million, 4392 toys and 612 dinner sets priced at Rs00.98million. It also impounded India made gutka of all brands along with miscellaneous contraband foreign origin items valued at Rs66.9million and filed seizure cases against smugglers.
He concluded by saying that the ASO is trying at its level best to impose curbs on the smuggling under the jurisdiction of MCC Islamabad so that genuine business can be promoted.