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Customs I&I to hold auction of 21 impounded vehicles on April 25

Customs I&I to hold auction of 21 impounded vehicles on April 25

LAHORE: Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation (I&I) announced auction of confiscated vehicles on April 25, 2019 at Allama Iqbal Town.

The following vehicles would be presented for the auction:

  1. Toyota Progress Car, Engine 2927CC, Model 1999, Reg. No. DGA-271, Chassis No. JCJ11-0005820
  2. BMW Car 745i, Model 2003, Reg No LZM-86, Chassis No, WBAGL22000DP3832
  3. Honda Civic Hybrid Car, Engine, 1339cc, Model 2006, Reg No AAK-572, Chassis No.FD3-1006468
  4. Honda Accord Car CL-9, Model 2002, Reg No BFH-756, Chassis No.CL9-1000417
  5. Toyota Mark-X Car, Model 2005, Reg No NZ-609, Chassis No.GRX120-0025787
  6. Honda Accord Car (Inspire), Model 2003, Reg No BDF-478/Sindh, Chassis No.UCI-1007210
  7. Jaguar X-Type 2.5 Car, Model 2006, Reg No AAA-537-Quetta, Chassis No.SAJAC51MX2XC26667
  8. Toyota Crown Car, Model 2003, Reg No ANY-763/Sindh, Chassis No.JZS175-0064405
  9. Toyota Crown Car, Model 2001, Reg No AXA-037, Chassis No.JZS171-0075220
  10. Toyota Crown Car, Model 2007, Reg No WG-009-ICT, Chassis No.GRS182-5014070
  11. Toyota Crown Hybrid Athlete Car, Model 2014, Reg No AAK-222-ICT, Chassis No.AWS210-6050888
  12. Nissan Petrol Jeep, Model 2006, Reg No LU-064, Reg No WFGY61-003549
  13. Honda Accord Car, Model 2004, Reg No bdy-545, Chassis No.CL9-1050040
  14. Triumph Heavy Motor Cycle Colour Black, Model 2010, Reg No LX 08 UXB, Chassis No. ROTOTYPEVH004CP2
  15. Heavy Motor Cycle Yamaha Brand, Engine 1000cc, Made in Japan, Model R1 2000, Reg No Nil, Chassis No. JYARNO41000003182
  16. Toyota Vitz Car, Model 2005, Reg No JG-957, Chassis No. KSP90-0001037
  17. Toyota Mark-X Car Black, Model 2008, Reg No EV-187, Chassis No.GRX120-3059202
  18. Yamaha Dragstar Heavy Motor Cycle, Engine, 1100cc, Model 2002, Reg No-, VP10J-001201
  19. Yamaha Heavy Motor Cycle, Engine 500cc, Model 2006, Reg No LRG-1093, Chassis No.JYASJ0S1000032395
  20. Honda Heavy Bike, Engine 200cc, Model 2006, Reg No LXU-3187, Chassis No.TA200-0034612
  21. Honda Heavy Motorcycle, Model 1992, Reg No -, Chassis No. 2073695.