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Customs Hyderabad earns Rs586m profit during 16 days of January

Customs Hyderabad earns Rs586m profit during 16 days of January

HYDERABAD: The MCC Hyderabad has generated Rs601.302million of Customs Duty and taxes against an assigned revenue collection target of Rs1187.720million during 16 days of January 2017-18. So the total gain is Rs586million.

The collectorate received Rs7966.572million as all customs duties and taxes during Fiscal Year 2017-18.

The department collected Rs2008.381million of customs duty during the month of December 2017-18. The MCC Hyderabad got Rs7966.572million in the month of December 2017-18 and its allocated target was Rs6979.230million.

The major sources of tax revenue are Hyderabad Dry Port, State Warehouse Sukkur-Larkana Division. The Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) Hyderabad also seized non-duty-paid goods worth millions of rupees.

Under the supervision of Collector Akhlaq Ahmad Khattaq, Additional Collector (HQ) Dr Aamer Nawaz Hamid, Deputy Collector Dry Port Principal Appraiser and Statistical Revenue ASO and others played an important role in the revenue collection, officials said.

The Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Hyderabad team comprised Superintendent ASO Hyderabad Customs Preventive Sikander Akbar Panhwar, Inspector Rana Shahbaz, Inspector Abdul Majeed Baraic,

Inspector Shakeel Khan, Inspector Imdad Ali Abro and other staff who took part in the operation.

The Anti-Smuggling Organizations (ASO) Sukkur and Larkana Divisions aborted various smuggling attempts and impounded big seizures of non-duty-paid items including 125,000 liters of smuggling HSD diesel and five oil tankers bearing registration No: JP-9950, TUA-579, TUD-121,TUA-576 and TKX-649 Hino oil tanker.

The other goods seized include 1500kg of cumin seeds, 1,100 cartons of master extra Mobil oil, mobile accessories, FDX XHS jackets, sports shoes, gasoline generators, baba baby sweaters, ladies art-silks and foreign origin cigarettes of Pine Light brand in different executions worth millions of rupees during the month of December and so far January Fiscal Year 2017-18.