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Customs Enforcement registers case against violation of restricted import

Customs Enforcement registers case against violation of restricted import

KARACHI: The Intelligence Officer, Directorate General, Intelligence and Investigation-FBR (Customs Enforcement) Muhammad Sadiq, registered a case and filed First Information Report of violating import restriction and mis-declaration of description against accused involved in the matter.

According to the FIR, the accused deliberately declared import of white spirit instead of original item which was kerosene oil. The FIR mentioned that customs officials received credible information regarding fraudulent clearance of kerosene oil (HS Code 2710:1911) in the grab of white spirit (HS Code 2710:1240) by unscrupulous importers and their accomplices operating as a part of organized gang to evade import restrictions imposed vide the Import Policy Order, 2016.

The FIR said that the Customs Enforcement seized kerosene oil which was declared white spirit at the time of import by M/s SMD Sons, Karachi, M/s MA Corporation Lahore and M/s Power Industries Pakistan, Karachi and lodged three FIRs (one each against the accused party) for initiating criminal proceedings against the culprits.

As per the FIR, the customs officials also visited M/s International Tank Terminal located at Plot No:48, Dock Yard Road Karachi and collected and sealed representative samples of the said to be white spirit, pertaining to consignment bearing BL No: ZAO1705 RAYKRC02 (IGM No:KOSK-136), weighing 500 MT, imported from M/s Ravago Landmark Private Limited Singapore, M/s Anam Traders, Lahore against mushirnama prepared on the spot and duly signed by all witnessed including Muhammad Aslam Nadeem, Intelligence Officer, Muhammad Irfan, clerk at M/s International Tank Terminal and Abdul Hakim Baloch, Sepoy, for obtaining their chemical analysis.

It further said that in order to ascertain the actual description chemical and physical properties, the sample were forwarded to the Hydro Carbon Development Institute of Pakistan, Petroleum Testing Centre, Islamabad which responded vide Test Report No:HDIP/PTRL/A-126/17 and confirmed that to the extent of test carried out in this lab, the properties of sample are similar to that of kerosene oil.

The FIR mentioned that the accused parties were found guilty for violating of import restriction as it was importable by approved oil marketing companies only. The accused people were charged in violation of provisions of Section 2(s), 16, 32(1), 79(1), 168 of the Customs Act, 1969, punishable under Section 156(1)(8)(14)(43)(81)(82)(89) and 157(2) ibid, read with Section 3(1)3 of the Import and Export Control Act, 1950 and import restriction vide S#2 of Appendix-B (Part-II) to IPO, 2016, further read with clause (a) and (b) preamble to SRO 499(1)/2009 dated 13/06/2009, further read with SRO 566(1)/2005 dated 06/06/2005.

It further mentioned that in the absence of the concerned importer, clearing agent and others involved persons, notices under section 171 of the Customs Act, 1969, was served upon the custodian of the terminal.

The FIR revealed that the seized kerosene oil was given in the supervision of the in-charge, International Tank Terminal, Karachi under section 168(1) of the Custom Act, 1969, with the direction not to deal, part with or deliver it without prior written permission of this Directorate General.

As per the FIR, the role of the M/s of International Tank Terminal and other accomplices including Customs staff is being examined and the total import value of the goods comes to Rs19.248 million approximately.