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Customs Court approves bail of warehouse keepers of M/s General Services

Customs Court approves bail of warehouse keepers of M/s General Services

KARACHI: The Customs Court granted pre-arrest bail to suspects Muhammad Idress son of Abdul Majeed and Muhammad Arif son of Abdul Majeed, warehouse keepers of M/s General Services in another case, who were booked for illegal removal of in-bonded goods without filing of ex-bond GD, thus evading legitimate government revenue.

On May 14, 2019, above mentioned suspects appeared before the court along with their counsel who moved pre-arrest bail in another case and argued that their clients are innocents and have been falsely implicated in this case, who will make sure to appear each and every date of hearing, therefore, court may grant them bail.

After the hearing, court without examining the contents of FIR, granted their pre-arrest bail against the surety of Rs500,000 each and directed them to appear on next date of hearing without fail.

According to the prosecution Customs Appraisement East, on an actionable information that the consignments of hot rolled steel sheets, iron steel sheets/coils imported and in-bonded in the bonded warehouse have been illegally removed by the importer of M/s Azam Sons in connivance with the warehouse keeper and their compliance without payment of leviable duties & taxes & without filing ex-bond GD.

Investigation officer submitted that in order to check the veracity of the received information, additional collector (R&D) Customs Appraisement East and others visited the bonded warehouse situated at SITE Area Karachi and during the visit, it was revealed that goods weighing 183810 kgs warehoused against the above mentioned GD are not available in the warehouse meaning thereby that iron steel coils/sheets weighing 183810 kgs have been removed from the warehouse illegally without payment of leviable customs duties and other taxes.

He further revealed that suspects evaded duties and taxes to the tune of Rs7,027,313.  After the hearing, court took FIR into its record and directed investigation officer to complete investigation and submit report on next date of hearing.