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Cooperative relations with all stakeholders made my tenure successful: Dr Arslan

Cooperative relations with all stakeholders made my tenure successful: Dr Arslan

ISLAMABAD: Newly transferred Collector of Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Islamabad Dr. Arslan Sebuktageen spent a successful tenure at the MCC Islamabad which will be remembered for long. He made the Car Cell operational, set up Canaan Centre, and a library at the MCC Islamabad. He seized 27 kg of gold and won many cases from the Supreme Court, High Court and Customs Tribunals. He cancelled the non-operational bonds. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) accepted his proposal to  ban half-cut and front-cut vehicles.

Giving an exclusive interview to Customs Today, former Collector MCC Islamabad Dr Arslan said that during his period, he tried to form a team to improve performance of the MCC Islamabad. He praised all the lower and higher staff of the MCC Islamabad who worked day and night and shoulder to shoulder with him.
He said that he himself appeared before the honourable courts to settle multiple cases while he also introduced many initiatives at the BBIA Islamabad to improve its performance. During his era, he got two sniffer dogs from the ANF as gift and bought two other dogs to make Canaan Centre more perfect.
He added that he started airport patrolling by Customs staff so that notorious people cannot pass narcotics or other contraband items from outside the airport. He further said that he made the Car Cell operational and seized about 100 more vehicles against corresponding period. Dr. Arslan also inaugurated a Staff Welfare Shop at the MCC and a library a swell.
Former Collector MCC Islamabad said that, during his time, the MCC Islamabad generated extraordinary revenue during FY2015-16 and FY2016-17 adding that the ASO Islamabad also showed outstanding revenues and seizures during his tenure. He got repaired all the old ammunition and bullet proof jackets and handed them over to the Anti-Smuggling Squads, he reminded.
He further said he gave a proposal to the FBR for amendment in section 07 of the Customs Act which was accepted and added to the Budget FY2017-18. According to him, he maintained good relations among the Customs staff and the employees of the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI). He also engaged the clearing agents, so the business activity can be enhanced at the Islamabad Dry Port and Air Freight Unit.
Dr. Arslan told CT that he always appreciated the ‘open door policy’ so that he can serve the people and resolve their problems. He said he developed a cooperative relationship with all the stakeholders which made his tenure successful.