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Commander Agro found involved in tax evasion of Rs 25m

Commander Agro found involved in tax evasion of Rs 25m

MULTAN: The Customs Audit has detected tax evasion of almost Rs 25 million of Commander Agro (Pvt) Limited during audit observation of import during 2013-14.

The company is the company exists in southern Punjab which provides services in agrochemicals, feed products and export of food commodities for agriculture.

The company has imported chemicals of zinc sulphate monohydrate of 33% for manufacturing of feed grade in different consignments. However, one of the import consignments comprised of 800 bags of 125 kg each weighing 20,000 kg each.

The Directorate General of internal Audit-Customs has found that the company has imported zinc sulphate monohydrate as per declaration and the goods were in powder form with total bags of 400 each with a gross weight of 2,000 kg. There were two samples bags taken from both consignments for chemical examination.

In the initial report, the customs laboratory claimed that the powder form is an organic compound and is not zinc sulphate as claimed by the importer.

However, the customs also sent the samples to HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry for further examination.

After the chemical examination from HEJ Research Institute, the chemical was found to be lambda cyhalothrin instead of zinc sulphate with purity of 95 percent.

The company got permission of importing zinc sulphate for agriculture but their one import consignment was found of importing other chemical to avoid customs duty.

The show cause notice has been served to the company in the case. The worth of imported chemicals was Rs 24.34 million and the custom duty was Rs 7.023 million.