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Chinese firm prepares master plan to improve capacity of Gwadar Port

Chinese firm prepares master plan to improve capacity of Gwadar Port

GWADAR: Arthur D Little has drawn up a master plan that forecasts freight sources from the urban development, industrialization process, operation of the port, including petrochemical products relevant to heavy industry and manufacturing.

According to the final draft of Operation Planning for Gwadar Port prepared by China Overseas Ports Holding Company Limited November 2014, the short-term forecast for Gwadar Port throughput is 42 to 65 million tons, with liquid bulk and containers as the main contributors. The long-term forecast for Gwadar Port is 321 to 345 million tons.

According to port development ideas, the objects “Recovery, Exploring, Promotion and Expansion” are based on the connection of development fundamentals with the reality of port and hinterland. The ‘Recovery’ is about operation ability to repair the existing equipments, improve and expand services and operation efficiency, shorten the time of ships in the port, keep existing clients to ensure existing throughput. It is estimated the recovery time will be 2015.

For exploring potential cargoes, it is an idea that deals with the object of setting up multipurpose ship routes to meet cargo enhancement and improve the facility of reefer containers to attract local products (fish products, mineral products) exported from the port.

About the promotion of commercial logistics, it is an object aimed at constructing the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Gwadar is expected to become the market of Chinese products by means of preferential policies with competitive logistics costs. To construct the industrial park when it is possible, Gwadar is expected to be built as one of the sales and distribution centres with the market of the Middle Asia and surrounding areas, thus increasing the volume of freight of the port.

With the development of CPEC and East-bay expressway, M-8 and N-85 highways, Gwadar port can attract local mineral export and containers from northern provinces. Also a linkage between Gwadar and a mineral-rich Chagai district may lead to potentials of port and mineral resources of Balochistan.

The ideas are also about promoting the functions of Gwadar Port on the basis of consolidating medium-term achievement, becoming one of the commercial centers serving Pakistan, Western China, Iran, Afghanistan and Middle Asia gradually, exploring the possibility of becoming an important trans-shipment hub and distribution center between Northeast Asia to Africa and the Gulf. Meanwhile, the implementation of developing Gwadar as a “Green and Smart Port City” should be followed. Gwadar port; which is a core facility support for the city, would develop as an integrated ecological port and an essential part of coastal industrial corridor in Pakistan.