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China, Pakistan Make Great Headway Giving Banking Support To CPEC

China, Pakistan Make Great Headway Giving Banking Support To CPEC

Beijing : China and pakistan have made a great headway giving banking support to their growing socio-economic partnership, says a report published by the Middle East North Africa Financial Network (MENAFN).

After establishing its first branch in Karachi last November, the Bank of China formally launched a clearing and settlement mechanism of Chinese yuan. Having received clearance from the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) for denominating foreign-currency transactions, one of the main targets of the Long-Term Plan of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor for 2017-30 has been achieved,� According to the report, giving the yuan equal status to the US dollar in Pakistan strengthens the financial bonds between these “all-weather strategic partners.” Up to now, Pakistan’s foreign-exchange regime conducted international trade only in dollars.

Working on changing over to bilateral trade in yuan with China, the SBP has been gradually enforcing and organizing the switch-over.

Expecting the new mechanism to cut costs�greatly and speed up efficiency for yuan transactions and enhance market liquidity, the SBP believes this arrangement will elevate the trade relationship between Pakistan and China.

Back in 2012, the first Currency swap agreement was signed by the SBP with the People’s Bank of China, and this was followed up by allowing banks to give trade loans in yuan and also accept deposits in the Chinese currency.

Devising a loan mechanism for banks to get yuan financing, the SBP initially allowed ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) Pakistan to start offering services in 2015. Though this was on a relatively small scale, the groundwork had begun to promote bilateral trade and investment in the respective local currencies.

Now the Bank of China is the second Chinese bank to enter the Pakistani market, but it is much more significant as it has fourth and fifth global ranking currently in terms of Tier 1 capital and total assets respectively.

At the inauguration ceremony that took place in Islamabad, Bank of China chairman Chen Siqing observed that the Karachi branch would be the bank’s first in South Asia, saying that it was ‘a great honor’ and that this would strengthen the ‘brotherly relations’ between the two countries in the financial sector.

� Launching the settlement and clearing mechanism provides yuan liquidity for the inter-bank market to make the smooth transition from the US dollar to the yuan. Bringing the yuan to this level has taken about three years to enforce, and�the SBP announced its readiness for using the yuan for bilateral trade and investment activity in January.

In preparation for a comprehensive bank policy, arrangements were made for carrying out exports, imports and transactions with China only in yuan. By reducing time delays and ensuring a steady remittance flow, it will be much easier for both Chinese and non-Chinese companies to invest in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects from now on.

Notably, this is the second currency swap agreement inked with a Chinese bank. Assessing the development, Dr Ashfaque H Khan, dean of the NUST (National University of Sciences and Technology) School of Social Sciences, has said, ‘This is a good thing that the central bank has done.