Wednesday , April 24 2019
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Chief Commissioner-IR lauds traders’ efforts in strengthening economy

Chief Commissioner-IR lauds traders’ efforts in strengthening economy

RAWALPINDI: The Chief Commissioner, Inland Revenue, Regional Tax Office Rawalpindi Dr Hamid Atiq Sarwar paid a visit to the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI).

Addressing traders RTO Hamid Atiq said that the government is working on multiple areas in broadening the tax base and Tax net.

“Traders’ contribution towards revenue collection has been increased and we do appreciate their efforts in strengthening the national economy,” he said. Inland Revenue department has delegated certain services to zonal offices so that local tax payer get easy access and get his grievances addressed at a local level.

He further added that the Inland Revenue department had a zero-tolerance for misbehaviour and harassment created on the part of tax collectors against any taxpayer, as maintaining the respect of taxpayers was at the top of its priorities. He said that he had an open-door policy and assured that genuine complaints of taxpayers would be addressed.

He also lauded RCCI for its efforts in promoting trade activities in the region and for providing a platform to address the issues linked with tax payers. On this occasion, President RCCI Malik Shahid Saleem highlighted tax-related issues of the business community. He said that tax incentives should be given to the local industry to promote imports substitution and GST should be reduced to a single digit level to bring down cost of doing business.

The sales tax on cottage industry like shoe manufacturing from scrap and recycle material must be abolished, he demanded.

He said that Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) must facilitate taxpayers and focus on non-filers by enhancing taxes on them to improve the tax revenue of the country.

The grievances of wedding hall owners must be addressed as they are receiving notices despite a stay order from the court.

The RCCI chief said that traders are not against taxes; however, harassment should be stopped in the name of tax collections, registration of business centres and multiple audits and misuse of discretionary powers of Inland Revenue officers. Senior Vice President Badar Haroon, Vice President Fayyaz Qureshi, former presidents, representatives from trade associations and a large number of members attended the session.