Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Economy as low priority


Economy always remained a low priority in the country thanks to politics of vested interests and inherent flaws in the administrative system. During the last 70 years, small and extremely backward nations like Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea entered the first world category and we as a nation proudly took a back seat in every economic order. It will be ... Read More »

Minister’s resolve to boost exports


According to newspaper reports, the new commerce and textile minister has expressed the resolve to achieve exports targets set for the current financial year by stimulating business and trade activities in the country. In his views, trade and economy are the key components of diplomacy in today’s world which also help maintain political relations with the nations. Pakistan has tremendous ... Read More »

Chinese investment abroad

pak China

  According to newspaper reports, China’s National Development and Reform Commission has decided to curb ‘irrational’ investment on its various overseas mega development projects, including Belt and Road initiative, and restrict the local companies from investing abroad. However, the new guidelines would not affect the Chinese investment plans in Pakistan. Reports also suggest that Beijing would enhance healthy trade cooperation ... Read More »

PM’s message of hope

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi1

In his first message of hope to the nation, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has expressed the desire to introduce major policy reforms to facilitate business community. According to him, laws are being formulated to attract investment in Special Economic Zones where investors will not only be free to transfer their dividends but will also have complete freedom of choice ... Read More »

Not all is well with economy


As the spell of politically charged atmosphere continues, all the politicians from the government and the opposition parties are speaking different languages to further confuse the nation. The defiance of the former prime minister, who had once vigorously supported the independence of the judiciary, has been adding insult to injury. Even if for arguments sake the ouster was a result ... Read More »

Not all is well with economy


According to newspaper reports, Pakistan may not be eligible to get the World Bank loans in near future due to its inability to resist the speedy fall of foreign exchange reserves.The bank has reportedly declined a government request for a policy loan to adjust the exchange rates. However, a spokesman of the Finance Division has out rightly rejected the notion ... Read More »

Danger of financial shocks


Former State Bank governor Dr Ishrat Husain, in a statement sometime earlier, warned the government to beware of the external and internal shocks to ward off any possible interruption in the way of smooth economic growth. The next year is the election year and could pose risks in many ways. The ruling political parties could be forced to accept unwritten ... Read More »

Steps against corruption


At a time former prime minister Nawaz Sharif is holding power show on Lahore-Rawalpindi road, the National Accountability Bureau has dropped investigations into 14 high profile cases. Earlier, NAB had informed the Supreme Court that it was investigating into 175 mega corruption cases which also involved top public representatives of the country. However, the new understanding will vindicate them of ... Read More »

Economic policies must continue


After his disqualification as prime minister by the judiciary, Nawaz Sharif embarked on a long march from Islamabad to his hometown Lahore to mark a show of power and public support. However, political analysts have raised eyebrows over his ‘innocent’ move and deem it as an act of defiance against judiciary which can plunge the country into further crisis. The ... Read More »

Economy under pressure


At a time the world is expecting progressive view of Pakistan, the recent unfortunate events have marred the credibility and goodwill of the country’s economic affairs. The Morgan Stanley Capital International’s (MSCI) had recently reclassified Pakistan as the emerging markets after picking it up from the list of frontier markets. It was also expected that the flow of money will ... Read More »

Investment in oil and gas sectors

oil loading

After years of media hypes, half-hearted efforts and meagre investment, the country is finally able to produce 90,000 barrel crude oil per day. The Pakistani coastline falls in the same geographical region as are the oil rich Arab states and Iran, but it could not brought its oil production to a hundred thousand barrel a day in 70 years. There ... Read More »

Failure of economic policies

economy falling

Pervaiz Malik,the newly inducted commerce minister, has expressed the hope that the joint efforts of the government and the private sector would make it possible to achieve the export target of $35 billion by 2018. The export target was set by the government in its three-year Strategic Trade Policy Framework under former prime minister Nawaz Sharif in 2015. However, after ... Read More »

Truth about Chinese domination

pak china flag

According to newspaper reports, Pakistan’s imports from China increased by 30 percent last year. Most of the imports consisted of material for electricity-generation projects, construction equipment and agricultural machinery but it disturbed the trade balance between the two countries. The country’s current account deficits recorded over 121 percent increase between July last year and February and are coming as a ... Read More »

Dilemma of textile city project


After spending more than Rs2.5 billion public money on the Pakistan Textile City project, the government has decided to wind it up in the national interest. The ambitious project, factually an industrial zone dedicated to the textile processing and related industries, was launched in 2009 over an area of 1250 acres in Karachi. The city was made public‐private joint venture ... Read More »

Question of real growth rate


Researchers at the Center for International Development of the Harvard University, in a study, have predicted Pakistan’s annual growth rate at 6 percent for the next 10 years, revising an earlier projection of five percent for the period. However, the largest economic partner of Pakistan, China with current GDP of $12 trillion will achieve a growth rate of 4.41 percent. ... Read More »

Economy after Sharif


According to New York-based credit rating agency Moody’s, Nawaz Sharif’s ouster as a prime minister by the judiciary in the Panama corruption case could not only lower the rating of the economic growth, but also adversely affect the ongoing projects and policies in the country. The agency fears that political uncertainty and strife could lead to disruption in the economic ... Read More »

Economy under interim PM


After enduring months of political chaos on Panamagate issue, the country is heading toward economic crisis due to rising trade deficit, slow industrial output and possible meltdown of, until now, growing stock market. The current account deficit has reached $12.1 billion in the fiscal year 2017, exports are continue to fall and the Pakistani rupee has closed at 108 a ... Read More »

Cash and economy


Pakistan is generally regarded as a cash-starved country in the international media, but the fact of the matter is that neither the country nor its people are in such a condition. There are over 80 million people, more than the total population of Britain, Turkey, Germany, France, Iran and Turkey, who have nearly $30,000 per capital income. Overall on the ... Read More »

PM’s ouster not to affect economy

supreme court

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has written a new chapter of history by disqualifying Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif under Article 62(1)(f) of the Constitution.The court believed the prime minister had failed to defend himself in corruption charges and held him disqualified for life. With the disqualification, a phase of political turmoil has ended, but the decision has raised many questions ... Read More »

Safety standards for oil tankers

Iranian diesel, diesel, tanker, oil tanker

The Oil Tankers Association has resumed fuel supplies after getting relaxation from the government that they will upgrade and improve the safety standards of the vehicles carrying oil in 15 days. However, the three-day strike not only washed away millions of man-hours but also caused millions of rupees losses to the national economy. The situation has clearly exposed the frailty ... Read More »