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Textile sector woes


Pakistan’s textile sector has been facing multiple issues for the last many years and it has adversely affected the export volume of the country to the unreasonable level. The prime minister has recently announced a textile package for this sector, considering it as the backbone of the economy, but no visible change has so far been marked. The textile industry ... Read More »

Journey towards development


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has expressed the hope that the country will continue to travel on the path of sustained economic development, which is also acknowledged by international financial institutions. Talking to a Chinese delegation, he pointed out some chronic challenges facing the nation such as energy crisis, terrorism and rising trade deficit. However, he hoped that his government would ... Read More »

Process of reforms must start now


The country’s bureaucracy still has the influence of British legacy. The successive governments tried on several occasions to change the rule of business and reform the whole bureaucratic system, but a total overhaul is still pending as it takes extra efforts to break the routine. The country needs reforms in every sector whether it is social, educational, the economic or ... Read More »

Safe havens for money laundering


According to newspaper reports, Pakistan and Switzerland have signed an agreement for exchange of information about bank accounts in the two countries. However, the access to bank accounts would not guarantee Pakistan to recover a whopping sum of $200 billion stashed in that country by Pakistani depositors.The two countries signed Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement in 2005, but it took ... Read More »

Case of unutilized loan


The country is drastically in need of capacity building programmes for the bureaucracy and others who work in various organs of the government to face new challenges and situations as an emerging economy. Pakistan is passing through a transitionary period and not only its social structure and traditional values are changing, but trends of trade, business and economy are also ... Read More »

How not to invest in real estate sector

real estate

The real estate sector has emerged as the engine of growth and catalyst for the national economy in recent years. Hundreds of new housing schemes have been launched in various cities of Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab as the population boom is pushing the market forces to take their own course of action. There are many examples where housing projects ... Read More »

Rising trade deficit


Pakistan is facing balance of payment problem, trade deficit and shrinking foreign exchange reserves due to various reasons. The trade deficit has reached Rs 293.9 billion due to rising volume of imports and dwindling size of exports during the last three years. Though China has emerged as the largest trading partner of the country in recent years, replacing the United ... Read More »

New World Bank loan


The World Bank has approved a $450 million loan programme for Pakistan to help the poor segments of society. At least 17.5 percent people live below the poverty line and most of them are already covered under the Benazir Income Support Programme in the country. However, the question is how the new loan programme will bring positive changes in their ... Read More »

Pakistan vs world economic scenario

global trade logo

According to newspaper reports, the government has announced a new strategy to modernize cross-border trade among the member states of the World Trade Organization under the Trade Facilitation Agreement. The WTO had initiated Trade Facilitation Agreement four years ago to ease barriers coming in the way of cross-border trade and simplify the documentation of customs and transportation process.The agreement came ... Read More »

Trade ties with Kabul, New Delhi

trade balance

On its western side, Pakistan has closed its border with Afghanistan after a string of deadly suicide bombings hit the country last month and failure of the Kabul government to rein in terrorists. On the eastern side, India has suspended the cross-border trade with Pakistan along the Line of Control on the excuse of cross border firing in which the ... Read More »

Steps to stop money laundering


Money laundering is another form of corruption. When money is generated through illegal means, it is difficult to put it directly into any investment venture.  A black money holder looks for a window of opportunity to stash it at a suitable place. When thrust of the government is to stop money laundering and not on the measures to stop its ... Read More »

State Bank’s step to control imports


The State Bank of Pakistan has imposed 100 percent cash margin requirement on import of hundreds of items to restrict imports and reduce trade gap which has widened up to $20.2 billion during the first eight months of the current fiscal year. According to experts, the banks has used margin requirement as a tool to control the flow of funds ... Read More »

Need to improve soft image of Pakistan

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There are strongest indications that Pakistan is going to be a business and industrial hub in the South Asian region in coming years, but some asset managers fear the recent spate of terrorism and aggressive anti-Pakistan policy launched by India could harm foreign investment in the country. India has launched a full-fledged campaign against Pakistan to isolate it from the ... Read More »

Journey towards emerging market

Japan stocks higher on closing of trade, Nikkei225 gained 0.34%

The Financial Times Stock Exchange is likely to include Pakistan in the Global Equity Index Asia Pacific series this month and MSCI Incorporate, a US-based equity provider, fixed income and hedge fund stock market indexes and equity portfolio analysis tools, will hopefully upgrade the country’s stock market from its frontier market index to the emerging market status. The Pakistan Stock ... Read More »

New report of Transparency International


A latest survey of the Transparency International has revealed that corruption is not confined to only one region or one country, but it more or less prevails in every nation of the world. Corruption is rampant in Pakistan though the country has improved its image by two points and has moved up from 30 to 32 out of 100 — ... Read More »

Pakistan as 20th powerful economy


In a survey conducted by Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and global brand consultants BAV Consulting to assess the best countries in 2017, Pakistan has been projected as the 20th most powerful economy in the world and 74th in the category of overall top countries. The new global ranking of the best countries puts India at the 16th ... Read More »

Matter of real GDP


The international media depicts Pakistan as a terror-ridden country and its rival India as a rising economic power, but certain indicators show economic performance of Pakistan better than all the other countries in the region. Pakistan has robust economy but it is marred by mismanagement and corruption. However, even then in certain conditions the economic variables independently move and find ... Read More »

Implications of money laundering

money laundering

According to a report released by International Narcotics Control Strategy of the US State Department, money laundering is a global phenomenon in which corrupt elements are involved not only from developed but also developing countries. It says that hundreds of billions of dollars are sneaked out of various countries every year through trade-based money laundering schemes and the illicit practice ... Read More »

Perils of increasing loans


The government is going on the path of previous Pakistan People’s Party government with regard to the economic policies as one loan programmes ends, it starts a new one. Every government of the world takes loans for development projects but the Pakistani government gets loans for debt servicing or to maintain foreign exchange reserves at a certain level. According to ... Read More »

ECO: Path to regional integration


The delegates at the Economic Cooperation Organisation Summit, including five heads of state and three heads of government, have expressed the resolve to work together for the collective benefit of the people in the ECO region. All the member states of the organizations are facing various economic challenges and the high profile get together provides an opportunity to enhance mutual ... Read More »