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Now people aspire to be called civilised citizens by paying taxes: Collector Ashraf


ISLAMABAD: Collector of Customs Quetta Ashraf Ali said “It clearly indicates that now the masses do want to pay taxes and wish to be called the civilized citizens”. He stated this while giving an exclusive interview to Customs Today. He said that millions of rupees were collected by the customs authorities of the Quetta Collectorate during the month of November Financial ... Read More »

Customs Central Region posts growth of 42pc in customs duty from July to Nov: Zeba Hai Azhar


Says Anti-smuggling performance also hundred percent improved in some Collectorates, posts a positive growth of 35 pc by collecting Rs1499m during November FY 2017-18. LAHORE: The Customs Central Region has successfully posted a growth of 42 percent in collection of customs duty from July to November during the financial year 2017-18 as compared to the same period last year. The ... Read More »

FBR to consult govt departments, agencies to identify potential taxpayers: Member Khawaja Tanveer


ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has started a campaign against non-filers and tax evaders, Khawaja Tanveer Ahmad Member Operations has said. The board has collected the data of the citizens from various government agencies, including National Data Base Registration Authority, Water and Power Development Authority, Motor Registration Authority and Excise and Taxation offices, cellular companies, Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation, ... Read More »

Customs deputes eight new inspectors to baggage section to overcome shortage of staff: Nisar Ahmad


ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Customs have deputed recently passing out inspectors at accompanied Baggage section to full fill the shortage of staff at Islamabad airport, Customs Air Freight Unit Islamabad received Rs.384.72 million extra revenue against assigned revenue collection target for month of November Financial Year 2017-18 under head of all duty taxes. The AFU was assigned revenue collection target of Rs607.72 ... Read More »

Pakistan Customs has always been vanguard of movement to frustrate trafficking


ISLAMABAD: Chief Customs International Asad Rizvi said Pakistan Customs has always been on the forefront for the activities supporting the establishment of effective enforcement structures. It has been part of many international and regional initiatives that were taken in order to counter the movement of illicit goods therefore it has been termed a ‘Role Model’ in many such initiatives. The ... Read More »

Govt needs to look at alternatives & formulate future plan to revive economy

Khawaja Suleman Siddiqui1

MULTAN: The business community in the country is working in an unfavorable atmosphere due to multiple reasons and the government has failed to provide any relief to the traders so far. This was stated by Central Chairman All Pakistan Anjuman Tajiran Pakistan Khawaja Suleman Siddiqui in an exclusive interview given to Customs Today on the other day in his office. ... Read More »

‘I & I Peshawar Customs demonstrates brilliant performance during Oct 1st. to Nov. 21’

I&I 01

PESHAWAR: The Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation Peshawar registered 21 cases of NDP offending vehicles and smuggling goods and seized seven kilogram of heroin during 1st October to 21st of November’s Financial Year 2017-18. The Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation Peshawar lodged 21 cases of smuggling various kinds of goods worth Rs359.25million during above said period. According to details ... Read More »

MCC Quetta’s extra anti-smuggling efforts culminating in increase of revenue

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QUETTA: The Model Customs Collectorate Quetta has accelerated its efforts of anti-smuggling activities which are resulting in increase of revenue and seizures at different stations working under the jurisdiction of the MCC Quetta. Smuggling, particularly through buses, is strictly being frustrated, he maintained. The ASO Quetta seized 34,270 liters of Iranian diesel worth Rs1.906million. The ASO also confiscated 388 cartons of ... Read More »

Collector Jadoon formulates plan to refund rebate claims to exporters

Collector Saeed Jadoon Quetta

ISLAMABAD: Saeed Khan Jadoon, Collector Model Customs Collectorate Islamabad, has decided to clear the rebate refund cases which have been pending from 2013 to 2014. The collectorae will clear the cases up to 2014 by 31st of December 2017 and pending rebate cases till 2015 will be cleared till the end of financial year 2017-18. The Collectorate of Islamabad paid ... Read More »

‘Drug trafficking increases at BBIA due to fog and winter during November & December’

Assistant Collector Ali Asad

ISLAMABAD: During the months of November and December, it has been proven that chances of narcotics’ trafficking have increased at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad. The smugglers take advantage of the fog and winter season at the Apron area (The airport apron is the area of an airport where aircraft are parked, unloaded or loaded, refueled, or boarded) to ... Read More »

Protocol receiving passengers shall be scanned even if not allowed: Phullerwan


ISLAMABAD: Additional Collector Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad Nisar Ahmad Phullerwan said that outside requests for protocol of passengers will be scanned even if it is not allowed for the passengers who belong to the Customs Department. It has been noticed that some protocol receiving passengers are involved in mala fide practices. According to details explained by Additional Collector Islamabad ... Read More »

Trade deficit may be avoided by encouraging exports: Tahir Khattak


ISLAMABAD: The Deputy Collector Islamabad Dry Port said we must discourage imports in order to avoid trade deficit and focus on exports. The government must provide full facilitation to the exporters for promotion of local products. This was stated by Deputy Collector Islamabad Dry Port (IDP) Tahir Iqbal Khattak while giving an exclusive interview to Customs Today. He said that, ... Read More »

Multan Customs collects Rs3044.272m during October of FY2017-18


MULTAN: The Customs Collectorate has collected Rs.3044.272 million under different heads including customs duty, sales tax, federal excise duty and income tax during the month of October of Fiscal Year 2017-18. According to the statistics available with Customs Today, the Multan Customs collected Rs.886.169 million customs duties against the assigned target of Rs836.070 million during month of October. The Collectorate ... Read More »

Multan Customs adopts comprehensive strategy to curb smuggling in the region: Collector Saud Imran


MULTAN: The Customs Collectorate has taken plenty of pragmatic and remarkable measures for improvement of Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) by expanding the ambit of anti-smuggling campaign to smuggled goods in private warehouses. In pursuance of policy guidelines issued by Federal Board of Revenue against smuggling, Model Customs Collectorate Multan has intensified the anti-smuggling operations. These views were expressed by Multan Customs ... Read More »

FBR is taking measures to broaden tax base, expand tax net: Assistant Commissioner Zahoor Wazir


LAHORE: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is playing vital role in strengthening national economy through proper monitoring and broadening of tax base. So for, the Regional Tax Office-II (RTO-II) is exclusively mentoring the filers to watch negative trends and fasten the move of tax collection to meet the target and enhance the tax collections. This was stated by Zahoor ... Read More »

Sarwat acquits herself well in bringing customs administrative & automation reforms


ISLAMABAD: Tahira Sarwat Habib, Customs Chief Collector North Region, has contributed a lot to bring about customs administrative and automation reforms. The North Region earned surplus revenue of Rs1268.74million of all duties and taxes during first July to 25th of October Financial Year 2017-18 against the assigned revenue target for the first four months of current Financial Year 2017-18. Moreover, ... Read More »

Quetta Customs impounds vehicles, goods worth Rs259m during four months of FY2017-18: Collector Ashraf Ali


  QUETTA: Collector of Customs Collectorate Ashraf Ali said that growth in the revenue collection during first quarter is reflection of better enforcement activities in Baluchistan. Due to effective administrative measures taken by Collectorate of Quetta various seizure cases of non duty paid vehicles, cigarette, scrap, live animals, fertilizer and narcotics worth Rs. 259 million have been registered during the first ... Read More »

Customs Intelligence adopts new strategy to auction goods, vehicles: Deputy Director Zaheer Abbas


ISLAMABAD: Directorate General Customs Intelligence and Investigation Deputy Director Legal Headquarters Zaheer Abbas has said that under the supervision of Director General Shuakat Ali, the Customs I&I is showing tremendous performance. During an exclusive interview with Customs Today, the deputy director said: “We have detected unprecedented cases of money laundering and unearthed various smuggler mafias. We have introduced a new ... Read More »

‘Various goods pending for auction while their RPs being revised as per condition’


SIALKOT: Collector Model Customs Collectorate Sialkot Ahmed Rauf said different items worth Rs4.03million are pending for auction while their RPs being revised as per items’ physical conditions. The collectorate has stopped exports made to tariff area without Goods Declaration (GDs). This was stated by Collector Customs Model Collectorate (MCC) Sialkot (Samberial) while talking to Customs Today during an exclusive interview. ... Read More »

Govt must focus on increasing exports: Zeeshan Khalil


Says FBR should stop harassing filers as non-filers LAHORE: The government must focus on increasing exports by facilitating local industry to meet the trade deficit. Regulatory duty on imported items will increase smuggling in the country. Levies like withholding tax (WHT) are discouraging the new taxpayers and obstructing the expansion of tax net. These views were expressed by Lahore Chamber ... Read More »