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Ukraine seeks to extend deal with Russia on natural gas supply


KIEV: Ukraine said it expects to sign a new agreement by mid-April for the supply of natural gas from Russia that will last until the end of March 2016. Kiev hopes the new deal would have an even larger discount than it has received under the “winter package” that ended on March 31, but that may be unduly optimistic. At ... Read More »

Ukraine strawberries imports fall 74% year-on-year

veg and fruit

KIEV: Ukraine’s imports of strawberries reached 7-year low in 2014 after a fall of 74% year-on-year. Greece traditionally led in strawberry exports to Ukraine with the share of 68% in Ukraine’s total imports. The Netherlands and Turkey accounted for 10% and 7%, respectively. Ukraine also remained a net importer of strawberries in 2014, despite an increase of 50% in exports. ... Read More »

Ukraine police nab 3 persons under suspicion of organising 8 bombings

A Pakistani police officer checks a car

KIEV: Ukraine police have arrested three persons in the Ukrainian city of Odessa under suspicion of organising eight bombings in the city since September, Ukraine’s Ministry of the Interior reported. The detainees are all Odessa natives, two of them men aged 46 and 55, while the third alleged accomplice is a 29-year-old woman. They are suspected of being members of ... Read More »

Russia’s Gazprom to sell gas to Ukraine’s Naftogaz at $248 per 1,000 cubic meters


KIEV: Russia’s Gazprom has agreed to sell gas to Ukraine’s Naftogaz at a price of $248 per 1,000 cubic meters. The deal is for the next three months, and represents a 25 percent discount on the price during the first quarter of the year. Ukraine has signed a new agreement to buy Russian gas, the Ukrainian energy ministry said. In the ... Read More »

Ukraine imports unsafe, illicit meat from Eastern Europe


KIEV: Ukraine has been buying meat from companies abroad that have been guilty of selling unsafe meat to Eastern Europe. That includes meat from a plant in Bad Bentheim, Germany, where ARD German television found formers workers who say were ordered to mix spoiled ground meat, essentially waste product from other plants, with fresh meat. Meat from this company was ... Read More »

Ukraine Customs nabs Russian smugglers with illicit cigarettes


KIEV: Ukraine Customs officer nabbed Russian smuggler who smuggled lot of cigarettes. Russian smugglers came up with an original way to bring cigarettes into the West by hiding thousands of them inside hollowed out tree trunks.The cigarettes had been manufactured in Belarus and were heading to the address of a private company in Poland from where they were supposed to ... Read More »

Ukraine customs arrests a Russian for smuggling 25,000 cigarette


WARSAW: Ukraine customs arrested a Russian for smuggling 25,000 cigarettes hiding inside hollowed out tree trunks. The cigarettes had been manufactured in Belarus and were heading to the address of a private company in Poland from where they were supposed to be shipped on to Germany and the UK. But they were stopped by the Ukrainian custom officers at the ... Read More »

Ukraine’s grain exports reach 24m tonnes, register 0.4% increase since July 2014

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KIEV: Ukraine has exported an aggregate amount of 24.0 million tones of grain since July 1, that is 0.4 percent more than in the same period a year earlier, said the Agriculture Ministry. This includes 9.1 million tonnes of wheat, 10.8 million tonnes of maize and 3.9 million tonnes of barley, it said in a statement. The ministry has said ... Read More »

Ukraine’s Creative Group to sell soybean meal to Turkey, Georgia

soybean meal

ANKARA: Creative Group became the first among Ukrainian exporters to sell its soybean meal to Turkey and Georgia since the beginning of the year, according to the representatives of the Group. Overall the Group shipped 3.500 tonnes; 2.000 tonnes and 1.500 tonnes respectively to each country so far, for 2015 it plans to increase exports to 8.000 tonnes of soybean ... Read More »

5.5m cubic meters: Ukraine anticipating 10% increase in gas coming from Hungary


BUDAPEST: Ukrainian gas distributor Ukrtransgas’ public relation officer Maxim Belyavsky said that Ukraine is anticipating a daily gas flow coming from Hungary to grow 10% to 5.5 million cubic meters. In the first half of this month, Ukraine imported more than 1 billion cubic meters of gas, of which 642 million arrived from the EU and 400 million from Russia, ... Read More »

Ukraine plans to borrow $1b to establish reserves of gas and fuel oil

gas and fuel oil

KIEV: Ukraine plans to borrow $1 billion to establish a strategic location to cover local needs in emergency situations, Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk said. “The government has adopted a decision to establish reserves of gas and fuel oil worth $1 billion via borrowing under state guarantees,” Yatseniuk told a government meeting. “This $1 billion will be spent to buy this ... Read More »

IMF Director Christine Lagarde announces $17.5 billion loan for Ukraine


KIEV: International Monetary Fund (IMF) headquarters in Brussels, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde announced that the IMF will extend an approximately $17.5 billion bailout package to shore up Ukraine, which has been ruined by nearly a year of austerity measures and continuous fighting against pro-Russian separatists in the industrial eastern Donbass region. Lagarde told reporters that the distribution of the ... Read More »

US officials talk big on Ukraine corn export shipment prospects


KIEV: US officials in Kiev hiked expectations for Ukraine’s corn shipments close to a record high, amid increased ideas for last year’s harvest and talk of “aggressive” offers on export markets. The US Department of Agriculture’s Kiev bureau estimated at 20.0m tonnes Ukraine’s corn shipments in 2014-15, a figure only 5,000 tonnes below last season’s all-time high. The forecast was ... Read More »

Ukraine forces launch operation near port of Mariupol


KIEV: Ukraine forces are launching an offensive near the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol, Russian news agencies reported. Ukraine’s Azov Batallion forces also confirmed the launch of the offensive near Mariupol on their Facebook page. The announcement comes as the US mulls whether to begin supplying deadly weapons to Ukraine and ahead of planned peace talks in Minsk, Belarus, this ... Read More »

Ukraine, Azerbaijan mulling to enhance cooperation in agriculture


KIEV: Prospects for cooperation in agricultural sphere were mulled as Ilham Guliyev, Azerbaijan’s Deputy Agriculture Minister has met a delegation led by Sergey Taruta, member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, AzerTag state news agency reported. Guliyev hailed Azerbaijan as historically agrarian country where 40 percent of the population works in agriculture sector. He praised the country’s rapid economic development ... Read More »

Ukraine’s hryvna currency plunges 30% against dollar as foreign currency auctions scrapped

ukraine hryvnia

KIEV: Ukraine’s hryvna currency plunged about 30 percent against the dollar, traders said, after the Central Bank abandoned the foreign currency auctions that had effectively pegged the exchange rate. The Central Bank scrapped the daily auctions, which had set an unofficial peg for banks to follow, and also raised its main interest rate to 19.5 percent on Thursday as it ... Read More »

Ukraine largest steel pipe maker to cut all supplies to Russia in 2015

steel billets

KIEV: Ukraine largest steel pipe makers will not supply any products to Russia in 2015 due to a slump in the Russian rouble and prohibitive import duties. A pro Russian separatist uprising in east Ukraine has soured relations between Moscow and Kiev and Russian steelmakers have aggressively lobbied for measures to defend domestic producers from Ukrainian imports. Mr Denis Morozov ... Read More »

Ukraine imports 1.067b cubic meters of natural gas from Europe in 2015


MOSCOW: Ukraine imported around 1.067 billion cubic meters (bcm) of natural gas from Europe in January 2015.According to tentative data from Eustream, the operator of the Slovak gas transport system, in January 1.004 billion cubic meters of gas was sent to Ukraine via Slovakia. According to Hungary’s FGSZ, Ukraine received 63 million cubic meters of gas via Hungary in January.No ... Read More »

Gas deadline heightens risk of reduction in supply in Ukraine


KIEV: With less than two months before Ukraine’s Russian gas-supply agreement ends, analysts are warning of critically low stockpiles that would threaten all of Europe. There’s been little progress on a new deal before the March 31 expiry, with Russia saying it will revert to a standard contract based on disputed prices that won’t be reviewed by international arbitrators until ... Read More »

Ukraine’s ports observe decline in cargo due to falling grain harvest

grain production

UKRAINE: Hostility with Russia, a second consecutive year of recession and a poor grain harvest are all risks to the downside that will make a difficult year for Ukraine’s shipping sector. BMI is predicting declines in throughput at Ukraine’s main ports of Odessa and Illichivsk. From a total tonnage standpoint, the projected decline in grain production will be a major ... Read More »