Thursday , April 26 2018
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Ukrainian sunoil exports decreased 11% in 2018


KIEV: According to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, Ukrainian sunoil exports totaled 1.41 MMT to an amount of USD 1.06 Bl in January-March 2018 that was down 11.07% year-on-year. The top sunoil importers at the time included India (USD 507.85 Ml worth), Iraq (USD 71.59 Ml worth) and Spain (USD 66.23 Ml worth). Sunoil supplies to these countries totaled ... Read More »

Ukraine crime gang hid proceeds in luxury London flats


KIEV: The gangsters, and in some cases family members, bought luxurious property in prime London locations, including a £12.5m flat. The daughter of a man dubbed the “Don of Odessa” is the registered owner of three homes in one expensive block. The gang were from the Black Sea port of Odessa and made money in the oil industry. They came ... Read More »

Ukraine Sunseed exports close to an abysmal low


KIEV: Ukraine exported 3.8 KMT of sunseed in February 2018 that is up 58% from the previous month but down 67% from February 2017 (11.5 KMT). Exports statistics for September-December 2017/18 are much poorer than a year ago: 22.5 KMT against 149.6 KMT, respectively. Due to a sunseed crop shortfall and tough competition from domestic crushers, Ukrainian sunseed exports at ... Read More »

Ukraine driving are prepairing a nasty surprise


KIEV: Ukraine a draft law, which provides a new approach to solving the problem of auto avtonomera, writes the with reference to Autoblog. “We understand that this issue was brewing when the government wanted to double, triple the price for the car and for lobbying for various companies, dealers and manufacturers who were pushing people to buy new machines, ... Read More »

Ukraine imports 1.1 bcm of gas worth $313 mln in Jan Feb


KIEV: Ukraine in January-February 2018 imported 1.145 billion cubic meters (bcm) of natural gas for a total of $313.366 million, according to the State Statistics Service. Thus, the average price of gas imported by the country in February 2018 was $261.1 per 1,000 cubic meters against $279.4 in January 2018. Ukraine received 402.562 million cubic meters of gas for $107.517 ... Read More »

Ukrainian annually consume 6 kg less fish than recommended


KIEV: The volume of fish consumption in Ukraine is around 14 kg per capita a year, which is 6 kg less than the recommendations of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Director General of the Association of Ukrainian Fish and Seafood Importers Dmytro Zahumenny has said. “With population of 35 million in Ukraine, Ukrainians consume 9-14 ... Read More »

Exports to Ukraine Up 75% Imports Down 22%


KIEV: Iran’s non-oil exports to Ukraine amounted to $70 million in 2017, registering a 75% rise compared to the year before, Iran’s Ambassador in Kiev Mohammad Beheshti Monfared said. Iran imported $552 million worth of Ukrainian goods during the same period, down by 22% year-on-year, IRNA reported. “Considering the two countries’ huge capacities, the expansion of mutual cooperation in the ... Read More »

Ukrainian agrarian exports reach $2.8 bln in January-February 2018


KIEV: During the first two months of the current year, Ukrainian agrarian exports increased by $102.1 million compared to the corresponding period in 2017 and made up $2.8 billion. Among the products mostly exported remained grains with a share of 35.3%, vegetable oils – 24.1%, and oilseeds – 12%,” the deputy minister noted. Also, according to her, the export of ... Read More »

Ukraine exports first soymeal to China prepares for new tax regime


KIEV: Ukraine’s oilseed industry is readying itself for a new tax regime later this year which will shake up the sector while this week it shipped its first cargo of soymeal to China at a time when Beijing is scrambling to find new sources of soybeans. Producer and trader Kernel sold the 48,000 mt cargo, which was loaded at Chornomorsk ... Read More »

Ukraine in cuts gas imports by 57%


KIEV: Ukraine in the first quarter of 2018 compared with the same period last year reduced imports of natural gas by 56.9%, to 1.8 billion cubic meters. “In January-March 2018, gas imports from Europe compared to the first quarter of 2017 decreased by more than 50% due to significant gas reserves accumulated  in underground storage facilities due to the resource ... Read More »

Introduction of exit capital tax in Ukraine now unacceptable


KIEV: The introduction of the exit capital tax in Ukraine to replace the profit tax today is unacceptable due to a risk of losing tax revenue, Lead Economist and Program Leader covering Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine Faruk Khan said at a press conference in Kyiv on Tuesday. Most of countries tax corporate profit and only few have switched to taxation ... Read More »

Ukraine urges cancellation of Russia-Germany gas pipeline


KIEV: Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Monday urged Germany to abandon plans to build a controversial second pipeline to bring gas from Russia, saying it would enable a “blockade” against his country. The Nord Stream 2 project is “political bribe money for loyalty to Russia,” Poroshenko told German business newspaper Handelsblatt. Building it would mean “imposing an economic and energy ... Read More »

Ukraine’s imports of nickel ore down 14% on year


KIEV: Ukraine’s imports of nickel ore and concentrate fell 14% year-on-year to 309,420 mt in January-March from 357,720 mt in January-March 2017, the state customs service reported Friday. The value of imports of nickel ore and concentrate decreased to $14.7 million from $17.2 million in January-March 2017. Over the first quarter, Ukraine received 54.9% of the total imports of the ... Read More »

Ukraine significantly increases scrap metal exports in 2018


KIEV: Ukrainian enterprises working with scrap ferrous metals in January-March 2018 increased exports of these products by six times, compared to the same period in 2017, to 140,000 tonnes. They exported only 39,000 tonnes a year ago. According to customs statistics made public by Ukraine’s State Fiscal Service, scrap metal exports in monetary terms grew by four times, to $47,800 ... Read More »

Ukraine’s economy still stuck in vicious rent-seeking trap


KIEV: Ukraine is the second poorest country in Europe, after Moldova. Its backwardness is starkly illustrated by gross domestic product per capita. In 2017, according to the International Monetary Fund, Germany’s was $44,000, Poland’s $13,400, Romania’s $10,400, but Ukraine’s just $2,500. In 1989, Poland and Ukraine were at a similar economic level. These numbers do not reflect purchasing power, and ... Read More »

Ukraine finally taken seriously for increasing their gas production


KIEV: As a result the country will accelerate the process of obtaining land to conduct oil and hazerswoude, as well as for the construction of mining and transport infrastructure. This will allow oil and gas companies to reduce the cost of the work, and also at a faster pace than now, to increase production of hydrocarbons. “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, commenting ... Read More »

Surplus of Ukraine’s balance of payment is $252m in Feb


KIEV: The surplus of Ukraine’s balance of payment in February 2018 reached $252 million, while a deficit of $449 million was seen a month ago, according to preliminary data published on the official website of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU). In January-February 2018, the deficit of the balance of payment totaled $197 million, which is 13.97% less than a ... Read More »

Ukrainian soybean exports still record high this season


KIEV: Ukrainian soybean exports have been dwindling for a third month in a row. Soybean exports in the first six months of the season hit a ten-year high for this period. A total 1993.1 KMT of soybeans were exported in September-February 2017/18, i.e. 4.9% more than at the same time in MY 2016/17 (1899.3 KMT). 340.9 KMT was supplied to foreign ... Read More »

Ukraine exported more than 2.5MMT of sunoil


KIEV: Ukrainian exporters supplied 4.01 MMT of barley to foreign markets in the first eight months of the current marketing year that is 14% less than at the same time last season (4.67 MMT in July-February 2016/17). February barley exports were 53% less than in the previous month and down 67% on the year (201.9 KMT was shipped abroad in February ... Read More »

Ukraine hikes tariffs on Russian mineral fertilizer imports


KIEV: The Ukrainian government has increased “anti-dumping” tariffs on mineral fertilizer imports from Russia, the latest in controversial efforts to protect Ukraine’s uncompetitive domestic fertilizer producers. The ministry alleges that Russian producers have frequently violated the procedures for importing to Ukraine and attempted to avoid paying tariffs by changing the descriptions of the fertilizers being imported. This led the ministry ... Read More »