Wednesday , February 22 2017
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Ukraine imports US$2b cars in 2016


KIEV: Ukraine imported almost 122,954 motor vehicles in 2016, totaling more than US$1.9 billion. This is reported by UkrAutoprom [Ukrainian Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association – Ed.] on its website. In contrast to last year, Ukraine’s car imports increased by one third , while foreign currency expenses for their purchase rose by 74%. Most imports consisted of light motor vehicles (87,776 ... Read More »

Ukraine, US signs treaty to improve application of FATCA

Ukraine, US signs treaty to improve application of FATCA

KIEV: The Minister of Finance of Ukraine and the US Ambassador to Ukraine signed a treaty to improve the application of tax rules and provisions of the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance (the Treaty). The Treaty is based on the Model 1B Intergovernmental Agreement as reported by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. The US Foreign Account Tax Compliance (FATCA), ... Read More »

Ukraine imports smallest monthly amount of palm oil in January 2017

Palm oil - Vegitable oil

KIEV: Ukraine imported the smallest monthly amount of palm oil In January 2017, since the beginning of 2016/17: 11.6 KMT against 20.1 KMT in December 2016 and 18 KMT in January 2016, reports UkrAgroConsult. Overall this season’s palm oil imports (September-January) still run higher than a year ago: 86.2 KMT against 79.4 KMT in September-January 2015/16 (up 8.6%). Indonesia continues ... Read More »

Ukraine export 40.2 MMT of grains in 2016


KIEV: Ukraine exported a record 40.2 MMT of grains in 2016, or almost 7.5% more than in 2015, reports the Agrarian Economics Institute. This included 17.9 MMT of wheat, 17.3 MMT of corn and 4.8 MMT of barley. However, due to a decline in world commodity prices, the record grain exports from Ukraine did not generate record revenues in 2016. ... Read More »

Ukraine’s trade representative sees no obstacles for trade with Russia


KIEV: Ukraine’s Trade Representative Natalia Mikolskaya told Channel 5 on Tuesday that she saw no problems in trade with Russia. “I will tell you as trade representative – we need currency earnings. And if we say that in the existing situation we want to have revenues, then I see no problems in our selling goods to the Russian Federation,” Natalia ... Read More »

Detained Ukrainian citizens in Russia are victims of human trafficking: Internal Affairs Ministry Ukraine


KIEV: The Internal Affairs Ministry of Ukraine said Ukrainian citizens who were detained in Russia in the case on international drug syndicate are victims of human traffickers. We are talking about Ukrainians, who went to work to Russia and were recruited for these criminal activities, the press service of the Interior Ministry said. “The National Police and the Interior Ministry ... Read More »

Ukraine flour exports increases 43.5% in December 2016 than December 2015


KIEV: Ukrainian exporters supplied 42.5 KMT of flour to foreign markets in December 2016, or 43.5% more than in December 2015. Overall, this is the largest monthly volume of flour shipments from Ukraine, UkrAgroConsult notes. Ukraine exported 9.6% more flour in H1 2016/17 than at the same time in MY 2015/16 (197.6 KMT and 180.3 KMT, respectively). As before, the ... Read More »

Ukraine govt. approves public finance management strategy for 2017-2021

Ukraine govt. approves public finance management strategy for 2017-2021

KIEV: The public finance management strategy for 2017-2021 approved by the Ukrainian government at a meeting implies the introduction of the medium-term budget planning and the creation of an independent body to access the feasibility of macroeconomic forecast and national budget revenue forecast. “We will send money to the most important directions and fully provide for the key reforms with ... Read More »

Ukrainian coke exports grows by 30% in Jan, imports 14.4% down


KIEV: Ukrainian coke and semi-coke exports in physical terms grew by 30.1% year-on-year in January 2017, to 12,883 tonnes. Coke and semi-coke exports in monetary terms rose by 21.6%, to $1.611 million, according to a customs statistics report issued by Ukraine’s State Fiscal Service. Most exports went to Turkey (31.04% of total exports in monetary terms), Bulgaria (28.24%) and Lithuania ... Read More »

Ukraine imports 1.25m tonnes of coal for $171m in Jan 2017


KIEV: Ukraine in January 2017 imported coal and anthracite (foreign activity code 2701) worth $170.897 million. According to the State Fiscal Service, Russia supplied coal for $114.59 million, the United States for $24.856 million, Kazakhstan for $15.127 million, other countries for $16.324 million. Thus, in money terms imports of coal and anthracite last month grew by 61.3% compared to January ... Read More »

Ukraine shipped record high volumes of sunmeal to foreign markets


KIEV: Sunseed meal exports from Ukraine totaled more than 463 KMT in December 2016. The pace of export sales somewhat slowed from the previous month (515 KMT), although being up 4.4% from the same period last year (444 KMT). In general, the current season shows record high export figures: 1469.5 KMT of sunseed meal was supplied to foreign markets for ... Read More »

Ukrainian seaports increase cargo turnover by 15% in Jan 2017


KIEV: According to the online data of the Ukrainian Seaports Authority in January 2017 the volume of cargo handling in Ukrainian seaports reached 10 million 032 thousand tons, which is 14.6% more than in the similar period of 2016. Export cargo handling totaled 8 million 094 thousand tons (30.3% growth as compared to 2016), import 1 million 423 thousand tons ... Read More »

Ukraine’s steel output rises 8.5% in Jan


KIEV: Ukraine’s steel production rose 8.5 percent year-on-year in January to 2.1 million tonnes, local specialised news agency Uaprom said on Wednesday. Steel production rose 5.5 percent in 2016 to 24.2 million tonnes as the industry picked up after a sharp fall in 2015 due to the conflict in eastern Ukraine, where most of the country’s steel production is based. ... Read More »

Poroshenko calls on Ukrainians to increase exports of weaponry


KIEV: President Petro Poroshenko said Ukraine needs to increase its weapons exports and upgrade the production facilities of its defense enterprises. “We need to support the growing demand for Ukrainian-produced weapons. I stress that we are not selling out, unlike some [previous] infamous defense ministers and those who took the relevant decisions. At present, we are firmly and steadily gaining ... Read More »

Ukraine’s exports to EU increase by 3.1% in 2016


KIEV: Ukraine’s exports to EU countries increased by 3.1%, or $372.3 million, over eleven months of 2016. Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade – Trade Representative of Ukraine Nataliya Mykolska has stated this in an interview with BBC Ukrainian. “Over eleven months of 2016, exports to EU countries increased by 3.1% (or $372.3 million) and came to $12.201 ... Read More »

PP imports into Ukraine rise 24% in 2016


KIEV: Total imports of polypropylene (PP) into Ukraine increased to 119,600 tonnes in 2016, up 24% compared to 2015, with the greatest increase in imports occurring for PP random copolymers, according to MRC DataScope. December PP imports into the country remained practically at the level of November and reached about 11,000 tonnes. In general, January – December PP imports into ... Read More »

Ukraine bans import of Russian books


KIEV: Ukraine has banned all imports of books from Russia until 1 April, including books for personal use. “From 1 January to 1 April [book imports] are banned until the relevant regulations and verification mechanism have been developed,” the head of the Ukrainian Association of Publishers and Booksellers, Alexander Afonin, told Ukrainian newspaper Vesti. According to Mr Afonin, bookshops will ... Read More »

Ukrainian arrested for smuggling cigarettes worth 67 thousand UAH


KIEV: In the Transcarpathian region of the customs post “Luzhanka” found in Ukrainian cigarettes $ 67 thousand UAH, which he tried to export to Italy. About it reports a press-state frontier service service. The man went about his business in Italy a car, choosing the form of customs control “green corridor”. When crossing the border, the man denied the existence ... Read More »

Ukraine improves tax regime for oil, gas production


KIEV: On 20 December 2016 the Parliament adopted Draft Law No. 5132 “On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine with Respect to Ensuring the Balance of Budget Revenues in 2017” as part of the 2017 Budget Laws package. The Law entered into force on 1 January 2017. This Law introduces reduction of royalty rates for oil production. In particular, ... Read More »

Ukrainians to boost defense, technical cooperation with UK


KIEV: Ukraine plans to boost defense and technical cooperation with the United Kingdom and one of the key directions of the partnership on the new conditions will be cooperation in the imports replacement. Ukroboronprom State Concern reported that the opportunities for expanding defense cooperation were discussed during a visit of UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon to Antonov State Enterprise (Kiev) ... Read More »