Saturday , May 27 2017
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Greek police arrest 2 alleged refugee smugglers


MADRID: Police in the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki have arrested two people for allegedly belonging to a ring that sold falsified identity documents to refugees, enabling them to travel on to Germany. A police statement says that the two suspects, a 30-year-old Algerian man and a 33-year-old Albanian woman, charged each refugee between 2,500 euros ($2,800) and 4,500 euros ... Read More »

Lionel Messi loses Supreme Court appeal over tax-fraud conviction in Spain


MADRID: Lionel Messi has lost his Supreme Court appeal over a tax-fraud conviction in Spain. The court confirmed the 21-month prison sentence handed to Messi for defrauding tax authorities of €4.1 million ($6.1 million) from 2007-09. He is not expected to go to prison because sentences of less than two years for first offences are usually suspended in Spain. The ... Read More »

Spanish police bust Liverpool-bound drug smuggling ring


MADRID: Police in Merseyside and Spain are still questioning a number of people after busting a huge drug trafficking operation. Dramatic footage was released by the Spanish authorities showing armed raids at a luxury villa on the Costa del Sol. In a statement, Spain’s Policia Nacional said it was a joint operation with Merseyside Police. The force also said the ... Read More »

Morocco importing Canary Island bananas in new trade deal


MOROCCO: An export campaign sending bananas from the Canary Islands to Morocco has began following a trade delegation from the Spanish archipelago visiting Casablanca earlier this year. The Association of Banana Producers of the Canaries (ASPROCAN) has sent the first shipments of Canarian-grown bananas under the first phase of the agreement which will see fruit grown on the islands, including ... Read More »

Catalonia leads Spain in wedding dress exports


MADRID: The wedding fashion industry has reached a benchmark at a global scale. In terms of exports, Spain is only behind China, making 755,000 wedding dresses and earning 507 million euros per year. The bridal business has a total turnover of nearly 13% of the whole Spanish textile sector and the most important part of this comes from Catalonia, which ... Read More »

Spanish ports face strikes again

Spanish Port

MADRID: Spanish ports are set for eight days of strike action in the coming weeks after parliament’s lower house passed a reform to liberalise port labour practices, which currently contravene EU legislation. The vote narrowly passed with 174 MPs in favour compared to 165 against and eight abstentions as the nationalist Catalan party PDeCAT abstained. An earlier version of the ... Read More »

Spain sets out rules for real-time reporting for VAT


MADRID: Order HFP 417/2017 was published in Spain’s Official Gazette, setting out in great detail (in Spanish) the rules for the new framework that will be introduced from July 1, 2017, to enable the tax agency to better track transactions liable to value-added tax. Under the regime, taxpayers will be required to report, within four days, transactions for which an ... Read More »

Jetex expands services to Spain


MADRID: Dubai-based aviation services provider Jetex has expanded its global network to Spain with three new ground handling locations in the country, at Barcelona-El Prat, Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas and Málaga-Costa del Sol Airports. Operating from the general aviation terminal in each instance, the company will provide 24/7 support, including aircraft fueling, ground handling, parking and ramp services. Customs and immigration ... Read More »

Police seize $71.6m in cocaine on ship from Spain


MADRID: The police are reporting a multi-million dollar cocaine seizure at Gordon Quay, Port Bustamante in Kingston yesterday.According to the police, the seizure was as the result of a joint effort of the Marine Police Division and the Jamaica Customs Contraband Enforcement Team (CET). The police said, about 2:18 am, security personnel observed a suspicious object attached to the hull ... Read More »

Spain, Ecuador net 5.5 metric tonnes of cocaine in Pacific


MADRID: Spanish authorities cooperated with Ecuadorean police to intercept a ship off that Latin American country bringing more than 5.5 metric tons of cocaine to Spain, officials said Monday. In a separate drug seizure announced Monday, Spanish police said they stopped a ship carrying 2.5 metric tons of cocaine in a joint operation with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, Britain’s ... Read More »

Two dozen kilos of cannabis seized in separate operations


MADRID: Two dozen kilos of cannabis have been seized by authorities in separate operations. The first took place in Dublin Port when Customs officials found 16 kilos of herbal cannabis, estimated to be worth about 320,000 euro, in a container that had come off a boat from Spain. The cargo was labelled mixed goods and the unit had been profiled ... Read More »

Spain to challenge Gibraltar’s sovereignty, tax system


MADRID: Spain could seek to use the upcoming negotiations on the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union to strengthen its influence over Gibraltar and its low-tax regime. A report by Spain’s Minister for the European Union, which has been leaked to Spanish daily El Pais, suggests that Spain could veto any Brexit agreement if its demands for joint sovereignty ... Read More »

Tobago barge delayed by issue with Customs


MADRID: Wednesday’s delay in the maiden voyage of the Trinity Transporter was not due to any mechanical issues. Confirmation came from Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan who today told the Lower House that an administrative issue with the Customs and Excise Division was the reason behind the delay in the vessel’s departure from Port-of-Spain. “There were no problems, mechanical or otherwise ... Read More »

Spain targets Gibraltar’s ‘privileged’ tax haven status


MADRID: Spain will target what it considers to be Gibraltar’s “unjustifiable privileges” on tax in Brexit negotiations, a leaked government report has revealed. According to Spanish daily El Pais, Madrid will use its veto over the future of Gibraltar in post-Brexit Europe to target “unfair competition” in the British overseas territory, citing an internal government document. Gibraltar denies being a ... Read More »

Ports of Barcelona and Miami sign cooperation agreement

barcelona port

BARCELONA: The ports of Barcelona and Miami have signed a deal to increase the quantity of cruises and cargo traffic. The agreement looks to exchange information in order to improve the areas of mobility, security, maritime management, and environment. Thanks to this collaboration, Miami, the most important port when it comes to cruises, and Barcelona, Europe’s leading cruise port, will ... Read More »

Spain plans to end Gibraltar’s ‘privileged’ existence as a ‘tax haven’ in Brexit negotiations


MADRID: pain will target what it considers to be Gibraltar’s “unjustifiable privileges” on tax in Brexit negotiations. A leaked Spanish government report has revealed Madrid will use its veto over the future of Gibraltar in post-Brexit Europe to target “unfair competition” in the British overseas territory. Gibraltar describes itself as a “low-tax regime”, but denies being a tax haven. Corporate ... Read More »

Spain: state deficit shrinks by over 43% in Q1


MADRID: Spain posted a deficit equivalent to 0.49% of GDP to month-end March, 0.41 points lower than the deficit of the same period in 2016 and significantly below the previous month’s figure (0.97% of GDP). According to the Spanish Ministry of the Treasury and Public Function, in the first quarter of the year, the State posted a deficit of 5.66 ... Read More »

TAX on cultural events slashed by 11% in Spain


MADRID: SPAIN has slashed the VAT rate on cultural events from 21% to 10%. It’s great news for theatre and music lovers, as the IVA decrease extends to concerts, plays, dance shows, bullfights and more. However cinema tickets will still be subject to the 21% tax, a rate which will be reviewed when the government meets deficit targets in the ... Read More »

Three arrested in drug smuggling raids


MADRID: Policia Nacional have arrested three people in connection with drug trafficking in Huelva, after three tonnes of hashish was discovered in raids carried out last week. Officers suspicions were arounds when they spotted a boat approaching a fishing vessel one evening without lights. When they boarded the boat upon it’s return to port, they discovered 106 bales of drugs ... Read More »

Weather hits Spain’s February exports


MADRID: Poor weather conditions continued to hurt Spain’s fresh fruit and vegetable export volumes in February, according to the latest industry figures. According to data from the Directorate General of Customs and Excises, processed by Fepex, February fresh produce exports dropped 5 per cent in volume on a year-on-year basis to 1.1m tonnes, with value up 10 per cent to ... Read More »