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International Energy Agency asks US to increase Gasoline Tax


AMSTERDAM: Van der Hoeven is a former economics minister for the Netherlands. She points out that the US currently has a lower gasoline tax than any other major developed country except Mexico. Maria van der Hoeven, head of the International Energy Agency, has issued a call for the US to raise the federal gasoline tax now while prices are low. ... Read More »

European Central Bank considers three options to buy govt bonds

Germany Europe Economy

AMSTERDAM: The European Central Bank is considering three possible options for government bonds purchases measures of its January 22 policy meeting. One of the measures, the countries of government bonds in accordance with the investment rate to the eurozone countries of ECB purchases ECB directly, those that provide liquidity to the financial system. The second option, purchase only government bonds of triple ... Read More »

Netherlands, Nigeria sign agreement on non-oil-goods trade


AMSTERDAM: Dr. Taco Westerhuis is the First Secretary of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Nigeria. Responsible for trade and investment relations between both countries, he works from the Lagos Office of the Embassy. Before his posting to Nigeria, Westerhuis was in charge of West Africa relations at the Dutch Ministries of Economic Affairs and Foreign Affairs. ... Read More »

Netherlands spends Euro 500m on 75 startup investment deals


AMSTERDAM: There were a total of 75 startup investment deals in the Netherlands in 2014, with a total investment of slightly more than 500 million euro. This is according to Startup Juncture, a site that keeps track of all Dutch startup news. According to the site, it is relatively easy for startups to raise smaller amounts of funding of less ... Read More »

New car sales in Netherlands fall by 6.9% in 2014

NEW cars in netherlands

AMSTERDAM: The sales of new cars in the Netherlands fell by 6.9 percent in 2014 to 387,835 new cars sold. This is according to the industry organizations BOVAG, RAI Association and RDC and Central Bureau Mobility Information. Like last year, the decrease was dampened by a little sprint in the last month of the year. This was mainly due to ... Read More »

Netherlands startups raised €500m investment last year

netherlands curency

AMSTERDAM: There were a total of 75 startup investment deals in the Netherlands in 2014, with a total investment of slightly more than 500 million euro. This is according to Startup Juncture, a site that keeps track of all Dutch startup news. According to the site, it is relatively easy for startups to raise smaller amounts of funding of less ... Read More »

KPN moves US court against Samsung for using patent technology of Dutch company

The logo of Dutch telecoms group KPN is seen in Haarlem

AMSTERDAM: KPN has sued Samsung in the United States because of the unauthorized use of a patented technology of the Dutch telecom company. A spokesperson for KPN confirmed this to ABM Financial News after seeing reports in the media. According to KPN, Samsung is using technology for data transfer that the Dutch company has patented in various smartphones, including the ... Read More »

230 of Rabobank’s ATMs closed after car strike in Netherlands

Netherlands Brinks

AMSTERDAM: Approximately 230 of Rabobank’s ATM’s are empty because of the strike at money transporter Brinks Nederland, Rabobank announced on Sunday. That is 10 percent of the 2,300 ATM’s the bank has in the Netherlands, reported NL Times. The strike had a much smaller effect among the other banks. A spokesperson for ABN Amro said that at most 20 to ... Read More »

Netherlands: Private equity, investor startups raised €62m in 2014   

Two businessman shaking hands

AMSTERDAM: Dutch start-ups raised at least €62m from private equity and investors this year Business. Dutch start-ups raised at least €62m from private equity companies and investors this year, according to research by the NRC. The bulk of the investment 62% came from Dutch investors but US and British groups have also been heavily investing in new Dutch firms, the ... Read More »

Brink’s Co expects $130m operational revenue in Netherlands


RICHMOND: On a non-GAAP basis, 2014 results from Netherlands operations Brink’s company was expected to include approximately $130 million of revenue, $14 million of segment operating profit, and net income of $10 million or 20 cents per share. (Non-GAAP results for 2014 will exclude the estimated fourth-quarter charge of $20 million to $25 million related to restructuring costs and the ... Read More »

Helsinki Police Dept official found guilty of 6 counts including 800kg drug smuggling  


AMSTERDAM: The former head of the drug enforcement division of Helsinki Police Department found guilty of six counts including 800 kg of hashish from Netherlands into Finlad. Aarnio also faces a slew of charges for offences in office. He was charged with three counts of aggravated abuse of public office for requesting court authorisation for the use of coercive measures ... Read More »

Netherlands, Curacao to avoid double taxation from 2016


AMSTERDAM: The Dutch Ministry of Finance announced that a new regulation for the avoidance of double taxation between the Netherlands and Curacao is expected to be effective beginning 1 January 2016. In anticipation of the new tax regulation, the Netherlands is extending measures provided to Curacao in previous years, concerning the Dutch corporate income tax rules on the taxation of ... Read More »

Int’l Maritime Organization hails modified shipping industry stance on ballast water

IMO HQ London

​​ AMSTERDAM: International Maritime Organization has hailed the revised stance of shipping country on the issue of ballast water under the  presidency of IMO General Secretary Mr Sekimiz. Mr Sekimizu expressed his wish that governments of member states, and in particular those with a large merchant shipping tonnage under their flag, should take action to ratify the BWM Convention as ... Read More »

Tax shift creates hundreds of thousands of jobs in Netherlands

tax shift

AMSTERDAM: More jobs and clever use of resources, that’s exactly what this era needs. A brief employment impact analysis shows that a tax shift potentially creates hundreds of thousands of jobs, in the Netherlands alone. The policy toolkit is applied to the first case study, reviewing a potential budget-neutral tax shift of $ 42 billion in the Netherlands. If this ... Read More »

Increasing demand: Shell decides to build LNG bunker vessel at Rotterdam


ROTTERDAM: As the demand for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as a fuel in the shipping industry is increasing, due to emissions reduction requirements scheduled to come into force in January 2015 Shell has confirmed its plans to build a specialised LNG bunker vessel. Giving an insight to its new venture, Vice president of Shell Shipping and Maritime, Grahaeme Henderson stated ... Read More »

Rotterdam port dockers oppose port automation plan  


ROTTERDAM: Rotterdam dockers strongly protested the plans of authorities to expansion and automation of port as it would cause them to lose their jobs. This was stated by said Niek Stam, national secretary of FNV ports in the Netherlands When taking decisions on port expansion neither the administration nor the port authority in Rotterdam has taken into account the impact ... Read More »

EU car tax regime: Netherlands achieves lowest CO2 emissions from new cars


AMSTERDAM: The Netherlands achieved the lowest CO2 emissions from new cars of all 28 EU countries at 109 g/km. It also shows the second best overall reduction across Europe since the introduction of binding CO2 limits for new cars in 2008, at 30.4%. The Netherlands had the lowest CO2 emissions from new cars in the European Union last year, thanks ... Read More »

Airbnb, Amsterdam to impose 5pc tourist tax form Jan 1


AMSTERDAM: To improve the facilities for tourist in Netherlands, Airbnb and the city of Amsterdam signed an agreement to impose tax on tourism which takes effect from Jan. 1, 2015, and the 5% tax will start to be collected from the start of Feb. 2015. In a joint statement, Airbnb said it will prominently display a summary of rules for ... Read More »

Netherlands introduces 1,700 Euros smart bicycle to topple down accident rate


AMSTERDAM: The Netherlands has launched its first-ever “intelligent bicycle”, fitted with an array of electronic devices to help bring down the high accident rate among elderly cyclists in the bicycle-mad country. A commercial-available smart bicycle is expected to be on the market in the next two years and should sell for between 1,700 Euros ($1,800) to 3,200 Euros per bicycle. ... Read More »

Dutch customs finds over 3 metric tonnes of cocaine worth $149 million


AMSTERDAM: More than three metric tons of cocaine worth over 120 million Euros ($149 million) was captured by customs official in a shipment from Costa Rica was the biggest busted drug commodity at the city port, said prosecutors. Police and prosecutors are investigating, but there was no immediate word of arrests. The largest consignment ever found in Rotterdam was 4.2 ... Read More »