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Schiphol workers arrested in drug trafficking investigation


Another two Schiphol employees were arrested in an investigation into large-scale drug trafficking. The two men, aged 33 and 44 from Amsterdam, worked in the baggage, catering and cleaning departments. They were arrested by the Koninklijke Marechaussee on Tuesday, reports. Twelve other arrests were made in this investigation last year. Nine of those suspects worked at Schiphol. The suspects ... Read More »

1,500 Kilos Cocaine found in Mangoes at Rotterdam Port; Customs officer arrested

cocaine_tussen_mangos (1)

A massive 1,500 kilograms of cocaine was found hidden among mangoes in a container at the port of Rotterdam on Wednesday. A 37-year-old customs officer from Rotterdam was arrested on suspicion of involvement in this drug transport, the Public Prosecutor announced. The container came from Brazil, according to the Prosecutor. Early this year the Rijksrecherche, the department that handles internal ... Read More »

Outstanding fine leads Police to Cocaine bust


The police in Oosterhout arrested a 28-year-old man for being in the possession of kilograms of cocaine. The cocaine was found in the man’s car after the police confiscated it because the man had an unpaid fine, the police said in a statement. On Wednesday the police and municipality went to check the man’s home due to suspicions of housing ... Read More »

The UK’s First Legal Bulk Cannabis Shipment Has Finally Arrived


The first bulk shipment of 800g of legal cannabis arrived in the UK from the Netherlands on Thursday. The shipment cleared UK customs on Friday morning, ending months of frustration for patients who have been legally prescribed the medicine, but could not find a pharmacy prepared to supply it. The medicine is now on its way to patients who are ... Read More »

Rabobank fined €1m for poor money laundering checks


Dutch central bank DNB fined Rabobank over 1 million euros for not having its customer files in order, and therefore doing inadequate checks on criminal money flows, Rabobank confirmed to the Volkskrant. The fine was issued in September last year and applies to violations up to and including 2016. According to DNB, important information was missing in Rabobank’s customer files. ... Read More »

Netherlands talking to 250 firms about leaving UK

4400 (1)

The Dutch government has said it is in talks with more than 250 companies about moving their operations from the UK to the Netherlands before Brexit. The economic affairs ministry said it had lured 42 companies or branch offices and 1,923 jobs from the UK last year, as it increases its efforts to gain Brexit business. Among those who have ... Read More »

EU investigates Nike’s tax status in the Netherlands


The European commission has opened an investigation into the tax treatment of Nike in the Netherlands, saying it may have given the US sportswear maker an illegal advantage. The commission said in a statement that Dutch authorities had issued five tax rulings from 2006 to 2015, two of which were still in force, endorsing a method to calculate the royalty ... Read More »

Dutch continue Brexit preparations, recruit vets from overseas


The Dutch customs office is writing to 72,277 Dutch firms which do business with the UK warning them to make sure they are properly prepared for Brexit. The service’s general director Nanette van Schelven told the Financieele Dagblad in an interview it is ‘high time for action’ because many companies are not ready to deal with the consequences. In particular, ... Read More »

Netherlands invests €30m in world’s biggest radio telescope


The Netherlands is investing €30m in the world’s biggest radio telescope, education minister Ingrid van Engelshoven announced in a letter to parliament on Monday. The project is part of a number of scientific innovations worth a total of €108m to be realised in the next four years. The telescope, or Square Kilometre Array (SKA) will be financed by 11 countries ... Read More »

Four jailed for up to seven years for 2005 Schiphol diamond heist


Four men, arrested in Spain and Amsterdam in 2017 in connection with a massive diamond heist at Schiphol airport in 2005, have been jailed for up to seven years by judges in Haarlem. A seventh man, said to be the brains between the biggest ever robbery in the Netherlands, died before he could come to trial, the Telegraaf, reporting live ... Read More »

More than 250 firms interested in Brexit move to The Netherlands


The Hague: Dutch officials are in contact with more than 250 companies about a possible post-Brexit move, the government said after Sony revealed it would shift its base to the Netherlands. The Dutch government will announce a final figure in February but “every new arrival of a business, big or small, is a success”, Michiel Bakhuizen, a spokesperson for the ... Read More »

Netherlands Ponders Restrictions on Huawei Ahead of 5G Auction


The Dutch government will need to make a decision this year on whether to restrict Chinese state-owned telecom giant Huawei Technologies Co. from playing a role in building a fifth-generation wireless network in the Netherlands, local daily Trouw reported. The economy ministry is set to auction 5G mobile frequencies this autumn, with the criteria for selection depending on the government’s ... Read More »

Sharp Increases In Municipal Taxes This Year


The municipal housing costs, sewerage and waste taxes, and property taxes are rising “very substantially” this year, according to the annual study by the research center for the economy of the lower governments COELO, reports. The national government is increasing waste tax by 139 percent this year. Waste processors pay waste tax for the garbage that is incinerated or ... Read More »

Dutch, Germans recover cargo lost by container ship


BERLIN: Cargo lost by a container ship in a North Sea storm has started washing up on a German island, while soldiers have arrived to help clean up beaches on Dutch islands further west. The MSC Zoe lost more than 270 containers earlier this week as it sailed from Portugal to the German port of Bremerhaven. German authorities say two ... Read More »

Dutch spent €70 mil. on fireworks this new year’s


People in the Netherlands spent a total of 70 million euros on fireworks this New Year’s, 2 million euros more than the previous two years, according to the Dutch Association of Pyrotechnics, ANP reports. The most money was spent on so-called compound fireworks – linked ornamental fireworks that needs to be lit only once to give a small fireworks show. ... Read More »

Dutch add Guernsey, Belize and Isle of Man to tax evasion blacklist

The Hague, Netherlands-september 26, 2015: tax  authorities is a government body responsible for the assessment and collection of taxes, customs duties and excise duties for a state.

The Dutch finance ministry is expanding its official list of places it considers to be involved in tax evasion by a further 16 low tax jurisdictions, including the islands of Guernsey and Jersey, the Isle of Man, and Belize. All the countries on the Dutch list levy a tax on corporate profits of 9% or less, the ministry said in ... Read More »

Netherlands to implement total ban on ivory trade


The Netherlands will implement a total ban on the trade in ivory in March next year. “If you want elephants and rhinos not to be exterminated, you will also have to do something about the market”, Minister Carola Schouten of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality said, RTL Nieuws reports. Currently ivory trade is allowed in the Netherlands as long as ... Read More »

Dutch Economy to keep growing, but Peak is Over


The Dutch economy will continue to grow, but not as strongly as in the past years, according to new estimates by the Netherlands bureau for economic policy analysis CPB. Despite this, the Dutch economy continues to grow faster than the average in the euro zone, ANP reports. The CPB expects that economic growth this year will amount to 2.6 percent ... Read More »

Three Dutch arrested in Spain for drug possession


The police in Spain arrested three Dutch people. They were caught with drugs on a boat sailing under the Dutch flag off the coast of Alicante, ANP reports. A fourth person was also arrested on the boat. This person does not have Dutch nationality. All four suspects are in custody in Alicante. The police in the Netherlands searched the suspects’ ... Read More »

Thirteen arrested for exporting Drugs to Scandinavia


The police arrested 12 people in the Netherlands for involvement in the production and export of drugs to Scandinavia. A 13th suspect was arrested in Peer, Belgium. The suspects are 12 men and a woman between the ages of 32 and 16 years. They were arrested on Monday, but the police only announced the arrests. The police searched buildings in ... Read More »