Tuesday , March 19 2019
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French government sacks Paris’s Police chief, threatens to ban ‘yellow vest’ protests


France’s prime minister has said Paris’s police chief has been sacked in response to the latest “gilets jaunes” (yellow vest) protest that transformed the capital into chaos with scenes of rioting and looting on Saturday. With pressure mounting, France’s Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said police strategy for maintaining order was not correctly executed, resulting in Paris police chief Michel Delpuech ... Read More »

Brexit: why was the Irish border ‘backstop’ so crucial to Brexit deal defeat?


After a late night dash to Strasbourg on March 11, the British prime minister, Theresa May, said she had agreed “legally binding” changes to the Brexit withdrawal agreement with the European Union. Designed to avoid the UK being kept indefinitely within the so-called Irish backstop, such changes were deemed key in order for MPs to agree to the Brexit deal ... Read More »

Q&A: Eurostar and airports in France hit by ongoing protest by French customs officers


Eurostar passengers in Paris continued to be hit by major disruption on Monday due to industrial action being carried out by French customs officers while charter flights to ski resorts have also been subject to disruption. Here’s what you need to know about the ongoing protests. The long delays at Paris Gare du Nord and on the motorways around Calais ... Read More »

French customs prevented 24.6t of automotive waste from being exported to Lomé last year


Last year, in April, Sète’s customs, in south eastern France, ceased 24.6 tons of automotive waste headed to the Port of Lomé. This is revealed in the latest report of France’s customs. While conducting a routine inspection of two semi-trailers headed for Africa, custom officers noticed that the “vehicles’ refuse skips were not empty as declared but instead full of ... Read More »

French customs agents disrupt Calais port ahead of Brexit


Traffic jams built up on Tuesday around the French port of Calais as customs officers worked to rule, carrying out tighter checks on lorries heading for the Channel Tunnel and the ferry port. The action, which began on Monday, is aimed at improving pay and staff numbers ahead of the UK’s expected departure from the EU on 29 March. Dunkirk, ... Read More »

French union bosses threaten to cripple ports after Brexit if they don’t get extra cash


REBELLIOUS French union bosses today threatened to bring Channel ports grinding to a halt after Brexit. Workers in Calais said they’d block traffic between Britain and France if they didn’t get bumper pay rises. The threat comes as a blow to the EU’s attempts to prepare for a possible No Deal Brexit. Today the unions staged a protest in Calais and ... Read More »

Barnier ‘working on legal add-on’ to Brexit deal to help May


Michel Barnier has told EU ambassadors that he is having to repeatedly rebut British demands for a time limit on the Irish backstop but that he is working on a legal add-on to the Brexit deal to help the prime minister. During a meeting on Friday in Brussels, the EU’s chief negotiator expressed frustration with the British demands after the ... Read More »

France will block Brexit delay without ‘new choice’ by UK


Emmanuel Macron has warned that France will block a Brexit delay unless there is a “new choice” by Britain, as Spain’s prime minister said that merely postponing the no-deal deadline would not be “reasonable or desirable”. In a sign of the heightened risk of an accidental crash-landing for the UK, both leaders signalled their disapproval of Theresa May’s suggestion of ... Read More »

With Brexit in Flux, Shippers Re-Route to Avoid Dover

Trucks queue on a motorway in the direction of Italy near a the tunnel as people leave for holidays on April 14, 2017 in Chamonix, southeastern France. / AFP PHOTO / JEAN-PIERRE CLATOT

As Theresa May mulls moves to stop the U.K. leaving the European Union without a deal next month, some businesses have already made plans to bypass the port of Dover in case a hard Brexit brings it to a standstill. The prospect of truck jams snarling Europe’s busiest ferry port is prompting a rethink of transport modes, with a switch ... Read More »

The EU27 are far less prepared for no-deal Brexit than you’d think


As 29 March gets nearer and Theresa May tries to get a Brexit deal through parliament, preparations for no deal continue in both London and mainland Europe. It’s been well-documented that the UK government’s preparations haven’t been optimal, and many British companies aren’t really prepared for no deal. However, on the other side of the Channel, things aren’t going all ... Read More »

Why smuggling across the border could worsen after Brexit


Central to the fate of the Brexit negotiations is the future of the Irish border. Politicians from all sides insist they want to avoid a return to border checks once the UK leaves the EU – but they disagree on how this can be achieved. The history of smuggling across the Irish border – and what already happens today – ... Read More »

Commission intensifies “no-deal” Brexit customs preparedness


In another move that the European Union is preparing for the UK to leave the bloc on March 29 with no exit agreement, the European Commission on Monday stepped up its “no-deal” outreach to EU businesses in the area of customs and indirect taxation such as value-added tax (VAT), given the risk that the UK may leave the EU without ... Read More »

Bridging cross-cultural communications, France launches Arabic Website


The new Arabic website: France.fr is designed to inspire visitors and create the immediate desire to travel and enjoy experiences across France and its territories. With the goal of welcoming 100 million tourists to France by 2020, the Arabic version of the website developed to increase interest and footfall from the region. France.fr is fully adapted with the traveler from ... Read More »

French export growth remains high with 3.8% increase in 2018

Visuel export-3

It is no coincidence that France, which is considered the export hub to Europe and Africa, hosts the largest gathering of entrepreneurs in Europe. Its favorable location, the confidence it inspires in decision-makers (81% of them expect to see revenue growth within the next three years), and the quality of the products and services manufactured in France, are just some ... Read More »

Brexit: France to invest €50m in ports and airports to prepare for no-deal outcome

Édouard Philippe

France has announced it is to invest €50m (£44.3m) in its ports and airports to prepare the country in case of a no-deal Brexit. Édouard Philippe, the French prime minister, announced the unexpected plan after a meeting with his ministers in Paris on Thursday morning. He said he “strongly believed” that the UK would now leave the EU without a deal, following the British parliament’s rejection of ... Read More »

Eye on France: Brussels bets on no-deal Brexit


With less than two months to go to Brexit, Brussels seems to have accepted the idea that no deal will be reached before the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. That, according to centrist daily Le Monde, is bad news, but it’s looking more and more likely. The situation comes as a major surprise following, as it does, 17 months ... Read More »

Britain, France and Germany work around US sanctions to stay in business with Iran


WASHINGTON : The three European parties to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal have set up a way to work around sanctions reimposed by President Donald Trump, who pulled out of the deal last year. The mechanism, which officials say will launch in the next few months, would barter goods between Britain, Germany and France and Iran. A joint British-German-French statement ... Read More »

Business France accompanies 162 exhibitors at Fruit Logistica this year


Germany remains an important market for France: the total volume of fruit and vegetable exports in 2017 was 326,000 tons, including 139,000 tons of fruits for 206 million euros [235 million USD], of which 50% were apples and 20% apricots. The same year, 187,000 tons of vegetables were exported for 235 million euros [268 million USD]. The main export products ... Read More »

France, Germany ‘making fun of us’ with treaty on U.N. seat: Italy PM to paper


MILAN : Germany and France are making fun of Italy and the European Union with their treaty to give Germany a permanent seat at the United Nations, Italian daily Corriere della Sera on Friday cited Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte as saying. “They are only thinking of their national interests,” Corriere cited Conte as saying. On Tuesday, the leaders of ... Read More »

Brexit TRAP: Customs union ‘INEVITABLE’ in no deal, France warns


Nathalie Loiseau, who is Emmanuel Macron’s closest advisor on Europe, insisted the backstop, the insurance mechanism to prevent a hard border is Ireland, becomes “inevitable” if Britain leaves the bloc without an agreement. Britain was left teetering on the edge of a no-deal Brexit after MPs overwhelming rejected Theresa May’s withdrawal deal that she agreed with her EU counterparts at ... Read More »