Saturday , May 25 2019
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France commits $104mln soft loan for water resources


ISLAMABAD: France $104 million in soft loan for Pakistan to help the country improve water resources in the industrial city of Faisalabad. Secretary Economic Affairs Division Noor Ahmed, French Ambassador to Pakistan Marc Barety, and Country Director of the French Agency for Development (AFD) Jacky Amprou signed the credit facility agreement worth Euros 94.010 million for extension of the water ... Read More »

Holidays 2019: Forgetting this everyday item in France could see Britons heavily fined


HOLIDAYS in France may prompt travellers to pack a breton-striped top or a quirky beret. Yet those travelling to the European country will also need to remember one key item to avoid facing a hefty fine from authorities in the EU country. Yet what is this? Holidays in France might well be filled with trips to the Eiffel Tower, breakfasts ... Read More »

German port a battleground for EU’s fragile political centre


Germany : If Joachim Schuster is worried about his job, he’s not letting on. A jolly German in his mid-fifties with spiky greying hair and a broad smile, Schuster was elected to the European Parliament five years ago for the centre-left Social Democrats. Now he’s speaking to students at a vocational college in the northern city of Bremerhaven in an ... Read More »

Longest customs dispute in France since 2002 over


Two-and-a-half-month strike, that caused long delays at popular French travel hubs, ends after government and unions agree deal Customs officers have called off their two-and-a-half-month dispute, their longest since 2002, after the government and unions reached an agreement on improved pay and working conditions. Officers’ first work-to-rule, in March, caused long delays at popular travel hubs including Gare du Nord, ... Read More »

Pay Deal Ends French Border Guards’ Brexit Battle


After two months of complex Brexit-related negotiations, the French government and customs officers struck a deal that aims to end disruption at ports and the Eurostar terminal in Paris. Friday’s agreement, signed by all unions, will gradually increase salaries in the coming years, and customs officers will get their first boost Nov. 1, the day after the U.K. is currently ... Read More »

Customs officers undergo nefarious financing awareness training


Customs and Border Control officers attended five, one-day training sessions earlier this month to better track and deal with specific kinds of financial crimes that they could encounter at entry and exit points in the Cayman Islands. This includes, for instance, incoming and outgoing financial activities such as the transportation of undeclared, large sums of cash or bearer negotiable instruments. ... Read More »

With San Francisco ban, facial recognition fervor cools


A ban on facial recognition for law enforcement in San Francisco highlights growing public concerns about technology which is seeing stunning growth for an array of applications while provoking worries over privacy. All but one of the nine members of San Francisco’s board of supervisors endorsed the legislation Tuesday, which will be voted on again next week in a procedural ... Read More »

Car trafficking syndicates exploit Senegal’s port


Despite efforts to curb the trade in stolen vehicles, criminal networks seem to be one step ahead. By Mouhamadou Kane for ISS TODAY. West Africa represents the main hub for stolen vehicles exported from Western Europe and North America. This is according to Interpol’s 2018 report on the state of transnational organised crime in the region. Senegal’s capital, Dakar, was ... Read More »

Most French parties agree on carbon tax at EU’s borders


Already defended by former French Presidents Sarkozy and Hollande, the idea of a carbon tax at the EU’s borders is typically French and has ended up convincing almost everyone. Everyone benefits from such a tool because it fights pollution and acts as a lever for exporting good environmental practices, but it also appeases more protectionist-leaning parties. Macron was the only ... Read More »

Paratroopers will drop from D-Day vintage plane in Ohio

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DAYTON, Ohio : Paratroopers will drop from a plane used in the D-Day invasion as the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force begins its commemoration of the 1944 attack. A C-53D Skytrooper named “D-Day Doll’ will carry the Airborne Heritage Platoon paratroopers at Monday’s jump near Dayton, Ohio. The museum also will show movies about the amphibious assault that ... Read More »

France strike : British Airways, easyJet and Ryanair among airlines forced to cancel flights causing travel hell for 75,000 passengers


Air traffic controllers are striking as part of a national protest against new working conditions introduced by French President Emmanuel Macron. According to Travel Weekly, up to 75,000 passengers face delayed or cancelled flights across Europe, with at least 550 flights affected. Flights that are not travelling to or from France could also be affected, as many airlines travel through ... Read More »

Armed teenager releases four hostages in southern France: police source


TOULOUSE, France : A teenager released four women after holding them hostage in a newsagent’s store in Toulouse, southwestern France, on Tuesday, a police source said. The 17-year-old, who was arrested at a yellow vest protest in December, had made no demands before releasing the women, the source said. He fired at least one shot over the heads of police ... Read More »

French PSA Group chooses Turkey as pilot country for restructuring


One of the leading car manufacturers, PSA Group, has chosen Turkey as its pilot country for restructuring. The French automaker has recently merged its Peugeot, Citroen, DS and Opel brands under a single roof for the first time in Turkey. The operation, which started in September 2018, was completed on April 1, 2019, with Opel moving from İzmir to Istanbul, ... Read More »

French President Emmanuel Macron’s party falls behind far right in EU election poll


The party of far-right leader Marine Le Pen will top the upcoming European Parliament elections with 22 percent of the vote, just ahead of President Emmanuel Macron’s REM party, an Ipsos poll released on Sunday. It was the first time Le Pen’s Rassemblement National (RN) – formerly the National Front – overtook Macron’s REM in an Ipsos survey ahead of ... Read More »

Iraqi PM says Erbil-Baghdad ties much improved, praises French support


ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi on Friday said Baghdad’s relations with the Kurdistan Region are “in the best shape,” affirmed the Islamic State’s ongoing efforts for a resurgence, and praised France’s support for Iraqi reconstruction. He made the comments during a press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris. Erbil-Baghdad relations Despite lingering differences between ... Read More »

UK car output to collapse on no-deal Brexit: industry


Britain’s car output under a no-deal Brexit could collapse to a level last seen in “the dark days of the 1980s”, the nation’s industry body forecast on Tuesday. The warning came as Jaguar Land Rover said its new Land Rover Defender model would be assembled in Slovakia—but did not blame the move on the UK’s departure from the European Union. ... Read More »

EU extends Myanmar arms embargo, other sanctions for a year


BRUSSELS : The European Union is prolonging by a year an embargo on any arms that could be used in security crackdowns in Myanmar as well as sanctions against 14 top military and border officials. EU headquarters said Monday that based on an annual review the restrictive measures will be extended until April 30, 2020. The travel bans and asset ... Read More »

Should France rebuild Notre Dame exactly as it was?


French President Emmanuel Macron has promised that France will rebuild Notre Dame, whose roof caught fire on April 15, within five years. However, some experts say it could take longer, even decades. Either way, it’s a virtual certainty that the 850-year-old cathedral will be restored in time. The question is how, and with what materials? Some argue the roof should ... Read More »

Unsatisfied in France: Muted response to Macron sales pitch


PARIS : French President Emmanuel Macron has satisfied few of his critics as he tried to quell five months of yellow vest protests with a mix of tax cuts and attempts to bridge the gap between the Paris elite and the rest of the country. With promises of a tax cut for 15 million households, an end to the closing ... Read More »

France points way for UK shake up of audit market


Taking on the Big Four accounting firms will remain a lengthy and costly challenge for smaller rivals in Britain despite the regulatory leg-up unveiled, but France has shown it can be done over a decade. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has ordered that Britain’s top 350 listed companies must hire two auditors to loosen the grip of EY, KPMG, ... Read More »