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Canada’s Seafood Exports to China Increased 25% in 2017


OTTAWA: Canada’s statistics show fish and other seafood exports increased during 2017. The export value rose by $312 million CAD to reach $6.9 billion CAD compared with 2016 and these seafood products are sold to 137 countries. Among all these, its seafood export value to China has grown the fastest at 25 percent. Japan is a close second at a ... Read More »

Canada sure loves its foreign oil imports


OTTAWA: Under the rather cumbersome phrase of “the effects of oil and gas production on the environment and human health: comparative evaluation,” we are told of “human rights abuses and environmental pollution by companies in the oil sector in Azerbaijan. Reported human rights abuses include workplace discrimination, illegal termination of contracts, health and safety violations and sexual harassment.” Seems perfectly ... Read More »

Import goods to Canada with a reputable customs clearance brokerage and consulting firm


OTTAWA: Clearit is one of the most respected international customs brokerage consultants in Canada. This reputable firm makes importing a car to Canada easy with a simple flat fee of $34.95 per transfer. You can take advantage of this highly competitive rate on all border transport of goods valuing up to $250 per load.  If your particular transport happens to ... Read More »

Canada seizing few shipments of fake goods despite law targeting counterfeits


OTTAWA: New border controls meant to curb imports of counterfeit goods into Canada have had little impact, newly released figures suggest. In the three years since the Combatting Counterfeit Products Act came into force, custom officers have detained just 48 shipments  an average of 16 each year. Statistics obtained by CBC News under the Access to Information Act also show ... Read More »

Canadian visitor arrested for 18kg meth in toner cartridges


OTTAWA: A Canadian passport holder, who arrived in New Zealand two months ago, has appeared in the Manukau District Court today, following the seizure of 18kg of methamphetamine found hidden in a consignment of printer toner cartridges. The 28-year-old man is charged with the importation and possession for supply of a class A controlled drug, which carries a maximum penalty ... Read More »

Canadian tax-free savings caught in tax net


OTTAWA: The Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) is a structure that was first introduced in Canada in 2009. Essentially, it is as the name implies, tax free. As you might expect, you pay no tax on contributions as the money does come, as you say, from earnings that will already have gone through the income tax regime. However, you also pay ... Read More »

Canadians see signal U.S. ready to accept NAFTA compromise


OTTAWA : American trade officials are showing newfound interest in a Canadian proposal for revamping NAFTA’s automotive provisions as the U.S. seeks to swiftly conclude renegotiations of the continental free trade pact. And that’s being taken in some quarters as a sign that the U.S. may realize it will have to settle for making only modest progress on a handful ... Read More »

Canadian companies risk being left behind in clean energy economy


OTTAWA: Another call for Canada to step its game up when it comes to producing clean energy solutions.CEC Policy Director Dan Woynillowicz noted China, for example, has emerged as a dominant player in the low-carbon market. “They’ve really doubled-down on electric cars for several reasons,” he started. “One is that they need to clean up the air population that is ... Read More »

LNG Canada aims for construction start this year


OTTAWA: In 2016, when LNG Canada hit the pause button on its multi-billion dollar liquefied natural gas project in Kitimat, CEO Andy Calitz made it clear the project was “delayed not cancelled.” “The project in Canada is FID ready and has not been cancelled,” Calitz said in 2016. At a Globe conference forum on energy transition March 14, Calitz confirmed ... Read More »

Canada considering tax on internet giants


OTTAWA: Canadian government is looking at how to regulate and tax internet giants such as Google, Facebook and Netflix, as it moves to improve protections for its cultural sector, an official said Wednesday. The government of Canada recognizes that large internet companies are acting outside regulatory frameworks and may be a threat to our culture,” Simon Ross, a spokesman for ... Read More »

Canadian seafood exports increase in value by 5% China up 25%


OTTAWA: The value of Canadian fish and seafood exports continued to climb in 2017, according to figures from Fisheries and Oceans Canada. The value of Canada’s exports climbed by CAD 312 million ($243.3m, or 5%) over the previous year, and total sales reaching CAD 6.9 billion. The largest growth market for Canada’s exports was China, which saw a 25% (CAD ... Read More »

Canada’s Manitoba province aims to whittle deficit while cutting taxes


OTTAWA: The western Canadian province of Manitoba aims to whittle down its fiscal deficit to C$521 million in 2018-19, it said on Monday, as Premier Brian Pallister’s Progressive Conservatives edge the province closer to balanced budgets while trimming taxes. Manitoba has run deficits for a decade, after a major flood and economic downturn blew a hole in its finances. Its ... Read More »

Canada’s steel town Hamilton still nervous despite tariff reprieve


OTTAWA: Canadian steel city of Hamilton, coping with months of uncertainty as U.S. President Donald Trump has threatened a potentially devastating 25 percent duty unless the North American Free Trade Agreement is renegotiated. Canadian negotiators are weighing the interests of the relatively small sector, responsible for about 22,000 direct Canadian jobs and C$9.0 billion ($7.0 billion) in U.S. exports, against ... Read More »

Canada export agency knew of allegations against Gupta family when it approved loan


OTTAWA: Canada’s export agency was aware of allegations against South Africa’s controversial Gupta family for the past five years, yet it went ahead with a US$41-million loan to the Guptas anyway, a lawyer for the family says. The federal Crown corporation, Export Development Canada, is trying to ground a Bombardier luxury jet that the Guptas acquired with the help of ... Read More »

Canadian internet users looking more beyond Google and Facebook


OTTAWA: Google and Facebook continue to be the juggernauts that dominate how Canadians use the Internet but a new “non-duopoly” trend may be emerging, suggests a report by the measurement firm comScore. When looking at how Canadians used the internet throughout 2017, growth in time spent with the Top 100 most popular online properties excluding Facebook and Google sites was ... Read More »

Canada budget 2018 sales and excise tax proposals


OTTAWA: The 2018 Federal Budget contains a number of excise and sales tax (GST/HST) proposals and amendments that may be relevant to registrants and practitioners. Each of the proposals below deals with issues that may require significant planning or structuring considerations. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our team members for further discussion or analysis with respect to the ... Read More »

Finance tested pulse of Canadians on sugary drink tax prior to budget


OTTAWA: Finance Department had quietly tested how Canadians react to the idea of a tax on sugary drinks in the fall of last year, new documents show. Finance contracted a private firm to do some focus group testing back in the fall, and its final report, recently made public, shows that some Canadians are concerned about obesity rates and support ... Read More »

Canada’s phoney debate about carbon taxes


OTTAWA: In the Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership race, all four candidates hoping to replace Patrick Brown oppose carbon taxes, a centrepiece of Brown’s platform. The federal Conservative Party also opposes carbon taxes. But in reality, Canadians have been offered no such choice. We face the Conservative option of costly and inefficient regulations, and the Liberal package of even costlier and ... Read More »

Canadian economy grows at 3 per cent in 2017 fastest pace in 6 years


OTTAWA: The Canadian economy ended a strong year with 1.7 per cent annualized growth over the final three months of 2017. For the full year, Statistics Canada says the economy grew three per cent, the fastest pace since 2011 and significantly above 2016’s growth of 1.4 per cent. But economic growth geared down in the second half of last year ... Read More »

Canada’s oilpatch handicap not helped by federal budget, observers say

Construction site crane building a blue 3D text. Part of a series.

OTTAWA: Oilpatch observers say there is nothing in the new federal budget to deal with Canada’s competitive disadvantage with the United States in oil and gas. Statistics Canada says capital spending to extract oil and gas will fall for a fourth straight year, with the biggest declines projected to be in the oilsands sector. Hardest hit will be Alberta, but ... Read More »