Wednesday , January 16 2019
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More Indians Migrating to Canada Due to ‘Push Factors,’ Says Canadian Report


CHANDIGARH — While the Indian government is seeking to project the country as a rising economic and political power, a report by a Canadian government agency has painted a dim picture of India and said that various socio-economic and even environmental factors are pushing more and more of its citizens to opt for immigration and seek refugee status in Canada. ... Read More »

A port in a storm: politics, competing interests leave Port of Halifax future in limbo


Last month, Canadian National Railway announced that it was bidding, alongside an unnamed partner, to buy and expand the Halterm Container Terminal in the Port of Halifax, with the aim of turning it into “the Prince Rupert of the East,” a nod to the company’s booming West Coast terminal business. “What we’re trying to do here is catch some of ... Read More »

Canada is producing more oil than it can handle


Western Canada is producing 365,000 bpd more crude oil that current pipeline capacity can handle, a new report from the National Energy Board has revealed. According to the authority, as of September, Western Canada produced a daily average of 4.30 million barrels of crude, while pipeline capacity stood at 3.95 million barrels per day. Alberta, the largest oil producer in ... Read More »

Liberals’ high-cost efforts to support Canadian tech firms fall short: CEOs


The federal government’s big-ticket efforts to support high-growth tech firms are offering little for emerging companies that have already outgrown the fledgling start-up phase, according to a new survey of CEOs in Canada’s sector. The insights are among the early findings of a three-year research project focused on properly defining mid-sized “scale-up” firms, outlining what prevents them from growing into ... Read More »

Year in Review – January, February, March 2018


January Sombra’s Bluewater Ferry was knocked out of commission on Jan. 11 after ice from the St. Clair River caused $3 million in damage, destroying the causeway road heading out to the dock as well as damaging the Canada Customs office. The ferry had been closed since Jan. 3 due to ice jams in the river, so no one was ... Read More »

Canada and Carney helped Ireland through its darkest hours in the crash


A decade ago, at the height of the global crash, Ireland faced its biggest crisis since the foundation of the State. As the world’s financial systems went into meltdown, it seemed we were alone and friendless. With the major economies scrambling to protect their own interests, the stability of our small, necessarily open economy seemed far down the list of ... Read More »

A Sitcom About the Endangered Path to the Middle Class


Television shows often have more economics in them than you might think. One example is the Canadian sitcom “Kim’s Convenience,” which depicts the charming misadventures of a Korean immigrant couple in Toronto and their native-born children. Where so much of the media focuses on the parts of the economy that are going wrong, “Kim’s Convenience” tells an uplifting story of ... Read More »

U.S. cannabis companies to steal Canada’s thunder in 2019


Canada : If 2018 was the year of Canadian cannabis, 2019 will be America’s time in the marijuana spotlight. Since Canada legalized recreational pot in October, investor interest has been rapidly shifting south of the border on the expectation that it won’t be long before the U.S. follows suit. Currently, recreational marijuana is legal in 10 states, plus Washington D.C., ... Read More »

Drones, wood chips and beet brine now part of cities’ arsenal in war on winter


MONTREAL : Keeping Canadian city streets clear in winter has been a source of aggravation since the days when work details shovelled snow into horse-drawn sleds. But as the coldest months of the year arrive, Canadian municipalities are increasingly turning to innovative solutions to address the problem. Apps, drones, new machinery and alternatives to traditional materials are being introduced to ... Read More »

Half of Canada’s chinook salmon populations in decline: scientists


Scientists who evaluate the health of Canada’s wild plants and animals have concluded that half the country’s chinook salmon populations are endangered. The Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife In Canada says some only number a couple of hundred fish and are in danger of disappearing. The finding was released as part of the committee’s regular look at Canadian ... Read More »

Cut culture of entitlement, Canada, and learn to be more competitive


There has been a lot of debate recently about whether Canada has a competitiveness problem, with industry using it as a means to argue for tax cuts while our federal government instead focuses on matters deemed to be of greater importance, such as the rollout of its national carbon tax plan. Unfortunately, one thing that many often forget is that ... Read More »

A look at where companies stand on marijuana business


NEW YORK : When Canada legalized recreational marijuana in October, it emerged as the world leader in the industry — and U.S. companies are scrambling to get in on the action. Uruguay may have been the first country to legalize pot, but the South American country’s market is dwarfed by Canada’s. And while a majority of U.S. states have legalized ... Read More »

B.C. has the longest healthcare wait times in Canada: report


Canada:Patients in B.C. have to wait nearly a month longer for healthcare than all other Canadians, a new study suggests. The Fraser Institute report said Tuesday the median wait time for “medically necessary treatments” in B.C. was 23.2 weeks, compared to 19.8 weeks for the rest of the country. That was down from an all-time high of 26.2 weeks in ... Read More »

Cannabis jobs in Canada so hot firms are importing labor


Canada : It was mid-summer, less than three months before Canada legalized recreational marijuana, and Vic Neufeld had a problem. The CEO of Aphria Inc. had just hired 50 people to work in the pot producer’s greenhouse in Leamington, Ontario and by the end of the first week all but eight had quit. “Those are really hot, humid months and ... Read More »

From Georgia to Nanaimo: M-B takes the water all the way


Canada:Mercedes-Benz will be the first European automaker to deliver vehicles to Canada’s western provinces via an all-water route. SSA Marine, a marine terminal management company in Seattle, is developing an auto terminal for the tiny Port of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. A 60,000-square-foot former storage shed is being repurposed into a vehicle processing center. The $10 million ... Read More »

What Canadian cannabis investors need to know about crossing the U.S. border


Canada : A B.C. cannabis industry investor who was planning to attend a conference in Las Vegas last week ended up stuck in Canada with a lifetime ban on entering the United States. The man’s lawyer says the case is a reminder that Canadians need to think twice about what they tell U.S. border agents. Immigration lawyer Len Saunders told ... Read More »

Canada strengthens Utah trade relations


Canada : While the United States fights with China on trade, Canada’s consul general would like Utahns to know that “Canada is open for business.” Stéphane Lessard, Canada’s consul general based in Denver, spent this week meeting with business chambers of commerce and mayors up and down the Wasatch Front to promote trade relations between Canada and Utah. “Canada is ... Read More »

Voters in Canadian city say ‘no thanks’ to 2026 Olympics


CALGARY, Alberta — Calgary’s bid to host the 2026 Winter Olympics was rebuffed on Tuesday when local voters said “no” in a nonbinding referendum. Unofficial results showed that 56 percent voted against bidding for the Olympics. Results showed that out of 767,734 eligible voters, 304,774 cast ballots and 171,750 of those voted against the Olympic bid. The city council is ... Read More »

Robust B.C. economy results in pay raise for public sector workers


Canada : Unionized government employees are about to the reap the benefits of a robust B.C. economy.Statistics Canada says B.C. economy grew 3.8 per cent in 2017, exceeding the provincial budget forecast of 2.3 per cent provided by the Economic Forecast Council (EFC). The Ministry of Finance says that has triggered an economic growth-sharing clause, officially known as the Economic ... Read More »

CBP addresses border crossing in the wake of Canada’s legalization of marijuana


Canada : Since Canada’s legalization of recreational marijuana last month, U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) Office of Field Operations Area Port of Sweetgrass has encountered travelers arriving from Canada in possession of marijuana. CBP said in a press release on Monday that most recently, two United States citizens entering the United States through the Sweetgrass Port of Entry admitted ... Read More »