Friday , October 20 2017
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Turkish Airlines signs deal with Carpet Union


  KABUL: A Turkish airline has agreed to fly Afghan carpets to 300 destinations at a discounted rate of 50 percent. The agreement was signed between Carpet Producers Union of Afghanistan and Turkish Airlines in Kabul. Afghan businessmen will be charged $2.5 USD per kilogram to transport their carpets to European countries. The carpets will reach their destinations within three ... Read More »

Afghanistan Imports 40% Of Medicine ‘Illegally’


  KABUL: Medicine Importers Union says Afghanistan ‘legally’ imports pharmaceutical products worth $700 million on annual basis. The Medicine Importers Union claims that at least 40 percent of medicine and medical equipment enter the country’s markets ‘illegally’ while many of the pharmaceutical products have a bad quality. Members of the union also claimed that a number of government organization are ... Read More »

MPs oppose 10% tax levy on mobile phone users


  KABUL: Members of the telecommunication commission of parliament found the mobile phone tax collection process to be flawed and voted to scrap the levy system. The majority of MPs in the Wolesi Jirga on Wednesday voted against the 10 percent tax levy against mobile phone users – a levy introduced in 2015. Members of the Wolesi Jirga’s Telecommunication Commission, ... Read More »

Cost of internet services could drop by up to 80 percent


  KABUL: The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology says cost of internet services and the quality will improve based on the new plan. The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) is working on a draft plan, suggested by the president, to lower the cost of internet services to the public. According to the MCIT spokesman, Najib Nangiyal, the ... Read More »

Turkmen delegation in Kabul to discuss power projects


  KABUL: The Turkmen delegation will also discuss a proposed project to carry electricity through Afghanistan to Pakistan. A high-level delegation from Turkmenistan arrived in Kabul on Sunday to assess power export needs to Afghanistan and to discuss Afghanistan-Turkmenistan joint power projects, energy and water ministry officials confirmed. Officials from the Ministry of Energy and Water (MoEW) said the delegation, ... Read More »

Finance ministry, SIGAR seize 45kg of ‘illegal’ gold


  KABUL: The minister of finance says the smuggling of gold is an ongoing problem and measures will be taken to fight the issue. The Ministry of Finance with the help of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) has seized 45kgs of gold that was due to be smuggled out of the country, the Finance Minister Eklil Hakimi ... Read More »

Donor countries support Afghanistan’s plans at SOM


  KABUL: The Afghan Finance Minister Eklil Hakimi said the donor countries supported the Afghan government’s plans for delivering its promises made to the international community at the third Senior Official Meeting (SOM) in Kabul. Hakimi told reporters at a press conference on Friday that the Kabul administration has had good achievements in delivering on its commitments made to the ... Read More »

90,000 tonnes of fuel imported ‘illegally’ into Afghanistan


  KABUL: The Fuel and Gas Importers Union claims that fuel worth over $1 billion USD has been imported without taxes and customs duties being paid. Expressing concern over an increase in the smuggling of fuel into the country, the Fuel and Gas Importers Union said thousands of tons of fuel and gas is being brought in illegally. The union ... Read More »

Kabul municipality boosts road construction projects


KABUL: The acting Kabul mayor, Abdullah Habibzai, who briefed media and the public on his activities from the past 14 months said the income of the municipality has increased and that the institution has started work on many raod and canal construction projects in the city. According to him, 184 kilometers of road and more than 25 kilometers of water ... Read More »

Illegal mining poses security challenge to Afghanistan: EU


  KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani’s Second Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danish on Wednesday said illegal mining posed serious threats to Afghanistan’s national security and stability. European Union Head of Delegation Ambassador Pierre Mayaudon said illegal mining in the country has been fueling insurgency and that the EU was committed to helping Afghanistan curb the problem. On Wednesday, the European Union ... Read More »

India, Afghanistan prepare for major trade show


  KABUL: Afghanistan and India are set to hold a joint trade and investment show in the Indian capital of New Delhi next week, as India seeks to step up its partnership with Afghanistan as a major investment partner. The trade show, sponsored by the US and hosted by India, will be inaugurated by Afghanistan’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah ... Read More »

Kabul gets 121 cold storage units for onions


KABUL: Char Asyab farmers said they harvest on average 100,000 tons of onions a year but of this at least 40 percent rots before being sold. Over 100 cold storage units have been established in five districts of Kabul for onions, officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) said on Wednesday. According to Assadullah Zamir, minister of ... Read More »

Russians to visit Kabul to assess investment prospects


KABUL: The Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) on Monday said a high-ranking delegation of Russian officials will visit Kabul in October to discuss investment opportunities in the country. According to ACCI, Russia is interested in investing in Afghanistan in the field of infrastructure, construction and power generation. At a recent meeting between ACCI officials and Russian embassy staff ... Read More »

IDB lends Kabul $74m for ring road


  KABUL: Ministry of Finance (MoF) officials on Saturday said the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) has provided government with $74 million USD for the construction of Kabul’s ring road as a long-term loan. According to finance ministry officials, the money will be invested in the first phase of Kabul’s ring road to start from Maidan Shahar city, the capital city ... Read More »

Mail slammed for canceling Gulbagh farm agreement


  KABUL: Operators of Gulbagh Farm – in the southeast of Kabul – said this week that government has reneged on a contract signed in 2012 and cancelled their lease agreement despite them having invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into the project. Abdul Mujib Mansouri, head of Paiman-e-Afghan Pioneer Company that runs Gulbagh Farm, said the Ministry of Agriculture, ... Read More »

ACCI calls on Tehran to improve Chabahar Port


  KABUL: Officials from Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) said on Wednesday that Afghanistan imports the bigger percentage of its goods through three of Iran’s ports. According to the ACCI, Afghanistan imports goods worth $1.5 billion USD every year through Bandar Abbas, Imam Khumaini and Chabahar ports in Iran. Chabahar port is closer to Afghanistan compared to the ... Read More »

Afghanistan-Azerbaijan trade ties improving: ACCI


  KABUL: Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) has said that the trade relations between Afghanistan and Azerbaijan have improved in the past two years. The ACCI suggests that the Afghan government should use the chance in its favor and send more Afghan goods to European countries. The annual trade volume between Afghanistan and Azerbaijan is at least $14 ... Read More »

Retired civil servants blast govt for not paying pensions


  KABUL: Number of retirees on Tuesday blast government pensions payment system and they said for months they are coming to the retirement pensions department and while they don’t have any other income sources they must go with empty hands. The retirees said that because of corruption and bureaucracy existence in the retirement treasury they are not receiving their salary ... Read More »

Kam Air gets local go-ahead to fly to Europe


  KABUL: Kam Air on Monday announced it has been given the go-ahead by the Afghan Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA) to fly to Europe and will start flights as soon as the European Union lifts its ban on local airlines. Following a rigorous nine-month assessment process, the ACAA renewed Kam Air’s license and approved its application to fly to Europe. ... Read More »

Over $77m wasted on customs e-payment system: SIGAR


  KABUL: A new report by the Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) shows that over $72 million USD has been wasted on a component of the USAID’s Afghanistan Trade and Revenue program that was intended to implement an electronic payment system. The system was aimed at providing a more efficient and effective way to collect ... Read More »