Sunday , May 20 2018
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Cars stolen in Spain found in Cyprus

Cars stolen in Spain found in Cyprus

MADRID: Police in Limassol seized four luxury vehicles that were reported stolen in Spain, it was announced on Thursday.

The cars were among 16 reported stolen to Spanish authorities between January 24 and February 17, and shipped to Cyprus through Portugal.

Twelve cars had been already re-exported to Asia before they received a Europol alert, police said. Immediately after receiving the information, police and customs sought to identify and seize the stolen vehicles, which included expensive luxury sports cars and SUVs.

After an investigation at Limassol port, four vehicles were identified as stolen and were confiscated. Checks carried out by the manufacturers’ representatives in Cyprus showed that the chassis numbers did not match.

Police sources said the cars were not intended for Cyprus as they were left-hand drive. Limassol CID were looking into the degree of involvement in the case of a Cypriot car importing company.