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Stern action will be taken against tax evaders: Nadeem Rizvi

Stern action will be taken against tax evaders: Nadeem Rizvi

LAHORE: A capacity building conference was held in the Conference Room of the Corporate Regional Tax Office, Lahore which was presided over by Chief Commissioner Inland Revenue, Corporation Regional Tax Office (CRTO) Syed Nadeem Hussain Rizvi, in order to apprise the salient features of the Assets Declaration Scheme, 2019 to the esteemed members of Lahore Economics Journalists Association and office bearers of the Lahore Press Club under the leadership of  Zahid Abid, Mehtab Ashraf, Javaid Jehangir.

Addressing the participants Chief Commissioner Nadeem Rizvi said that the amnesty scheme presents a unique opportunity to taxpayers to reveal undeclared assets by paying minimum tax and registering themselves in the national economy.

“After June 30, the board may take measures to trace the black money and assets, which may be coercive and accompany heavy taxes along with penalties,” he added.

He pointed out that the amnesty scheme could be availed even if proceedings under taxation laws were initiated, pending or finalised. Any omission or declaration could be revised within due date, however, the value of assets and tax payable would not be less than the original declaration, Rizvi said.

“The name of legal owner and ‘benamidar’ will also have to be declared,” the chief commissioner emphasised. “Where income tax returns have not been filed, the declarant shall file return for the tax year 2018, the wealth statement or financial statement as the case may be along with the declaration.”

He said this included any assets, sales or expenditures where proceedings had been finalised for the holders of public office, public company, proceeds or assets derived from criminal offence, gold and precious stones, bearer prize bonds and other monetary instruments.