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Canadian film “Never Again” to be screened at Int’l Film Festivals

Canadian film “Never Again” to be screened at Int’l Film Festivals


By Ahmed Ali

TORONTO: ‘NEVER AGAIN’- a Canadian short film about drug abuse amongst the youth who are products of broken families of immigrants in Canada, is being screened at IFFSA – International Film Festival of South Asia, Toronto in May, 2019.

Produced by Sangha Motion Pictures, film NEVER AGAIN depicts mundane realities of life that a single Asia mother faces, whose teenage son gets addicted to drugs due to the peer pressure in Canadian schools. Film revolves around characters of mother and her son. Son undergoes bouts of anxiety when he recalls his father’s abusive behaviour towards his mother during his childhood. He undergoes the treatment but feels insecure about her mother’s liaison with his doctor. Film ends on a good note with young man undergoing metamorphosis and giving up on drugs.

Story idea was conceived by Karan Sangha, a Canadian educated actor and screenplay writer. Motivational words of poem “Invictus” written by William Ernest Henley, “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul” kept Nelson Mandela alive in jail and these lines are the central theme of the film. Producer of the film, Dr Jagmohan Sangha who is a well-known writer, poet, Radio and TV host, is very excited about the project. “We are happy to bring out an important social issue of society in our film”. Film has been directed by famous Bollywood director Mazahir Rahim.

Besides Dr Jagmohan Sangha, who plays a doctor’s role, film also has Kul Deep who has worked in films, Television and attended workshops of National School of Drama, Delhi playing the mother’s role. Malhar Singh, who is a classical singer in real life plays the young drug addict while film also features director of Punjabi plays, Hira Randhawa, TV anchor Kavita Singh, child artist Parasjeet Ahluwalia and some other Canadian and Indian actors.

Film was shot in and around Toronto and will be screened at various film festivals across the globe.