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Call to make strict laws to ban breeding of wild animals in Kuwait

Call to make strict laws to ban breeding of wild animals in Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY: In Kuwait, the breeding of wild animals has becoming common, is being a trend, which bothers inhabitants and residents and is also a threat to the youth, if it becomes a youth prestige or gallantry, which has forced the government to take measures by calling for strict laws for it. .

Ahmad Al-Me’jel, member of the Municipality asked for putting a stop to what he described as ‘odd phenomenon’, noting the breeding of wild animals inside private residential houses violates the privacy of neighbours. He cited the recent incident in which an Asian housemaid was attacked by a neighbor’s lion, saying it’s a lesson for curbing the phenomenon.

He inquired about the reaction if the lion had devoured a Kuwaiti child instead of the housemaid, and pressed for the rights of neighbors whose life and property are jeopardized due to the attitude of some citizens breeding wild animals inside their homes, particularly the youth.

He required the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) to act swiftly to find legal solutions to control the menace of wild animals. Also, he asked for a complete ban on breeding wild animals inside houses, as they are a dangerous species and they threaten those who breed them, as well as their neighbors.

For his part, member of the Municipal Council Judge Ahmad Al-Fadhalah asked the Customs Department to classify the animals brought through the country’s border outlets to identify whether or not they should be kept inside houses or farms, as done with the Arabian horses.

In addition, they must be followed up and monitored by concerned authorities such the Municipality and PAAAFR, stressing that people’s lives are more important and precious than wild animals.

Meanwhile, Member of the Municipal Council Osama Al-Otaibi completely refused breeding of any wild animal in urban areas or private houses. He considered the phenomenon as alien to the society. He also said it defies customs and traditions, stressing that people’s lives are more important than the mood of breeders.

Head of Municipal Council’s technical committee Fahd Al-Sane confirmed the council has nothing to do with the strange phenomenon, and the concerned authorities impose more strict procedures of surveillance.