Sunday , September 22 2019
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Bulgaria to import rice, cotton from Pakistan

Bulgaria to import rice, cotton from Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Bulgarian Minister for Economy Liliya Ivanove on Tuesday expressed her country’s keen desire to import rice and cotton from Pakistan.

During the second meeting of Pakistan-Bulgaria Inter-Ministerial Commission, Ivanove stated that Bulgaria is looking forward to extensive cooperation in the field of agriculture including sustainable imports of cotton and rice from Pakistan.

Bulgarian ambassador to Pakistan, who accompanied the minister for economy, offered cooperation in the field animal’s medicines of which Bulgaria is quite famous for.

Islamabad exports cotton fabrics, synthetic fabric, chemical materials and products, sports goods and toys to Bulgaria.

Pakistan-Bulgaria cooperation in the areas of agriculture covers livestock and buffalo breeding, food processing, food safety and phytosanitary measures, and this is included in the agenda of the inter-ministerial commission meeting which will conclude on Tuesday.

Minister for National Food Security and Research Mehboob Sultan said that the two sides will follow up cooperation in the areas being identified.

The minister said that Pakistan is world’s 5th largest milk producing country and since Bulgaria has developed its strength in various areas of agriculture including livestock and animal breeding and both countries could mutually benefit in this sector.