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Bugatti Veyron 8 cars away from production end

Bugatti Veyron 8 cars away from production end

New York:It’s been almost ten years, countless special editions and many, many millions of dollars spent since the Bugatti Veyron launched, but at long last production of what was arguably the first-ever hypercar is set to come to a stop.

Since launching in 2005, some 442 Veyrons have been sold; leaving just eight cars remaining in the quad-turbo, 16-cylinder hypercar’s production run.

And that’s 150 cars more than what was originally envisaged by Bugatti parent company Volkswagen back in the mid-noughties, who initially only planned for 300 Veyrons to be built.


When the targa-topped Grand Sport arrived in 2008, production was increased by another 150 units to cater for an expected increase in demand.

But now the end is near, though Bugatti aren’t saying exactly when the end will be. There are still orders that have yet to be fulfilled, and the remaining eight cars have yet to have names put against them.

There’s also the possibility that Bugatti may choose to make a small number of special edition models as a send-off for the Veyron, something that is not without precedent – all up, Bugatti has released 18 (or is that 19?) special editions of the Veyron throughout its life.

Once the remaining Veyrons are sold, Bugatti will begin tooling up its Molshiem assembly plant for production of its successor, which is expected to be called the Chiron and boast around 1100kW, plus dash to 100km/h in just 2.3 seconds.bugatti_veyron_16_4_super_sport_14-4c312abd6b4e9-460x272