Monday , January 22 2018
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BMW ‘secretly’ planning new supercar

BMW ‘secretly’ planning new supercar

NEW YORK: Dust has not yet settled on the success of BMW i8 and we are already opening to set jointly the mystery parts that could be BMW’s new supercar. Whether a accurate petrol powered behemoth, winning notes from the ancestry of the long lasting BMW M1 and its core values, or a hybrid supercar along with the lines of recent trends in the industry, the result remains to be seen.
However, Carsten Pries, product boss of BMW’s M performance division, hinted to AutoCar that a future supercar might be something the company is interested in.
In a discussion over the future of the BMW i and BMW M, further joint work and new models from the two sub-brand, Priest didn’t go into full details but showed us once again how important the i sub-brand is for the entire company.
“We have to let the i brand settle down first,” said Priest. “It is still very new to the market and the customer needs to be given some time to understand its proposition. Then, maybe, we can look at doing something.”
An idea of an M hybrid car is closer to reality than years ago. Last month, the former BMW M boss Dr. Friedrich Nitschke says if BMW will design an M supercar in the future, “then it would be something special, not just another supercar.” He also ruled out an i8 M sportscar but left the door open for a hybrid-powered M. He says that “for engineers a combination of combustion and electric motor is an attractive option.”
Without a doubt, BMW still lacks a proper all-wheel drive sports car that is ready to counter what its competition already have in their product range. But BMW M has also hinted in the past that building an R8 or AMG-GT competitor is looking back in time rather than building the future of supercars.
Our sources indicate that the next 2-3 years are very exciting for the company and that some interesting car will come out of Munich.