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Black Friday deals: Galaxy S5 in $150 & Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in $100

Black Friday deals: Galaxy S5 in $150 & Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in $100

NEW YORK: Users have the scoop on the best T-Mobile Thanksgiving week through Black Friday, weekend and Cyber Monday deals. Where T-Mobile gives great deals is not by the phone price but they offer international data roaming to many countries, free music streaming and free international texting to select countries.

Samsung Galaxy S5 $150 Discount Deal

The best deal so far is $150 off Samsung GS5 -Best Cheapest T Mobile Pre Black Friday, Deals $150 off Samsung Galaxy S5, (GS5), $100 of SG Note 3 or free tablet (with plan) the usual price is $660 that has been discounted to $509.52 which equals $21.23 a month for 24 months to pay for the phone. The discount is close to 23%. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has received excellent reviews for its fast quad-core processor; brilliant 5.1″ touch screen, great camera features and smooth interface. You can even use it in the rain because it is water resistant. Voice quality is excellent. Battery life is very good. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has super-fast Wi-Fi and LTE speed, making the best Samsung Galaxy S smart phone, ever. It received review rankings of 4.5 stars and Editor’s Choice.

If you are looking for a great deal on a prepaid SG 5 check out Virgin Mobile.

$100 off Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The next best deal off of another Samsung large smart phone is $100 Off Samsung Galaxy Note 3 it features a 2.3 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with 3GB of DRAM and a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera. It is large but still fits in many jean pockets. The usual price of $517 is discounted to $416.88 or $17.37 a month for two years. The stylus (S Pen) lets you draw pictures and write notes on the screen. It also features a suite of Samsung apps.

Free Tablet and Double Your Phone Data for only $10 a Month Deal from T-Mobile

Starting Saturday for limited time, sign up for a Mobile Internet data plan and get T-Mobiles most popular 7-inch tablet the Alactel Pop for free. The monthly device payment applied as bill credit as long as you use this device on a qualifying plan for 24 months. Qualifying post-paid mobile internet service of 1GB/mo or higher, approved credit, $10 SIM starter kit, and EIP agreement are required. T-Mobile is also showing tablet data double of the smart phone plan for $10 a month.

When you add a tablet to your voice plan, T-Mobile matches the data plan of the largest voice line on your account (up to 5 GB) for only $10 per month all with no annual service contracts or data overages. Plus, for no extra charge, there’s unlimited data in 120+ countries and destinations and unlimited music streaming that doesn’t count against your data