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Biggest launch after iPhone 6, Nexus 6: Samsung to release Galaxy S6 in March 2015

Biggest launch after iPhone 6, Nexus 6: Samsung to release Galaxy S6 in March 2015

SEOUL: Race of releasing ‘smartest’ phones is at its peak, and after Apple’s iPhone 6 and Google’s Nexus 6, Galaxy S6 is probably the next biggest phone launch probably in March next year.

What will the phone look like?

If there’s anything Samsung needs to change in their Galaxy s6, it definitely ought to be the design of their phone. If anything we have enough reasons to believe Samsung would mould the design of their newly released Galaxy Alpha, with a metal frame but still holding on to the polycarbonate rear from Galaxy S5, into their new S6 model.

At 6.7 mm, Galaxy Alpha is reasonably thinner than Galaxy S5. This is actually a positive sign of what should be expected with Galaxy S6. Some close sources from Samsung’s chain of supply have loosely pointed out that Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha will be testing the waters for Samsung’s metal flagships ahead of S6.

If by any chance Samsung finds all the new tweaks are nothing to go by in their S6, there’s the project zero. Which, like we all know, heralds Samsung starting again right off from the beginning to completely retool their S6 into something that even HTC and iPhone devotees can’t afford to keep their hands off.

What’s weird is that up to now, there has been no leak of how the new phone will actually look like, even from its prototype, since we’re expecting something that’s totally different.


Although most of the information we have gathered about galaxy S6 is utterly based on our logic extrapolation, one thing is guaranteed on an S6; a 64-bit processor, which we highly suspect will come in two versions; one version working on an octa-core Exynos chip and the other one powered by a snapdragon chip.

Needless to say both versions are expected to come with android 5.0 L and a more superior version of TouchWiz.

Depending on when exactly the phone is expected to be commercially available, there’s a huge possibility the Qualcomm’s processor will be the Snapdragon 808, as snap dragon 810 would be too far from being released at that time. For the RAM, the least you can bank on is 3 GB, even though there’s a better chance of the number going way higher since the new android version can actually support a ram of 4GB.

The camera will definitely receive a huge pump up–something not less than 20Mp, considering Galaxy S5 camera has a 16Mp camera. We can also hold a bated breath on the phones coming with Optical image stabilization.

Battery performance

If the battery of Galaxy S5 is anything to go by, then the battery life of S6 will definitely be outstanding. Even if they decide to pump up the capacity to 3, 000mAh and still retain their battery management tech; that will be enough to shut off any complain on their battery life. But there’s huge possibility Samsung may come up with additional improvements on battery life. Let’s wait and see.

Release date

Among the predictions made, this is the easiest one. You see, Samsung announced their recently released flagships in late February then went ahead to release them in April. Before that, they had done almost the same thing with their S3, which got released in late May. But since we suspect Samsung is planning to dominate the Mobile World Congress come next year just like they did this year with their S5, we highly suspect the S6 will be unveiled anytime around March 2015.