Wednesday , January 24 2018
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Bangladesh seizes illicit drugs worth TK 7.5 million

Bangladesh seizes illicit drugs worth TK 7.5 million

DHAKA: The Directorate General of Drug Administration has seized a large consignment of foreign made drugs worth TK 7.5 million from a SK Enterprise store at Purana Paltan in Dhaka, who had illegally imported those drugs, mostly anti-cancer and food supplements, from the US, Argentina, Spain, and India, Director General of drug administration Major General Dr Md Jahangir Hossain Mollik said at a press briefing on here the other day.
He said his team seized those drugs in a lightning raid on Tuesday soon after getting information that the drugs were being couriered illegally. No case, however, has been filed as yet.
The director general said they would file the case “shortly” in the drug court.
Punishment for illegal drug import can be a maximum 10 years in prison or Tk 200,000 fine or both. But usually, it takes many years to settle a case in the drug court.
Deaths linked to consumption of spurious Paracetamol took 23 years to settle in the drug court.
Bangladesh’s burgeoning drug industry meets almost the entire national demand with more than 1,200 generic and 27,000 brand registered items produced in the country.
Besides, 5,000 different types of brands are being imported to Bangladesh officially — only 3 percent of the local need.
But illegal foreign drugs, particularly ‘food supplements’, are widespread in Bangladesh.
Doctors also prescribe them, allegedly for commissions.
Even the big private hospitals sell those drugs to patients.
The drug administration filed 41 cases this year after seizing such drugs.
They conduct drives to seize such illegal or counterfeit drugs , either on their own and with the help of mobile court.
The DG said he cannot prevent doctors from prescribing those illegal drugs.
“I have requested Bangladesh Medical Association, BMDC and relevant authorities to stop doctors from prescribing those drugs,” he said, replying a question.
He said the illegal importers dodge customs duty to market such drugs in Bangladesh.