Sunday , December 16 2018
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Baby milk imports banned

Baby milk imports banned

PARIS: French firm Groupe Lactalis, which manufactures the products, said the infant milk formula could contain Salmonella Agona bacteria, according to a CamControl statement published yesterday.

The department had already taken action to block the import of several other French baby milk products to Cambodia, following recalls issued by authorities at the end of December.The recalls came after 26 young children in France fell ill as a result of the contamination.

Local vendors were asked to remove the products from sale, while consumers were told to avoid purchasing them.

“To prevent harm to consumer health, the department is appealing to the public not to purchase the above-mentioned products and to help collaborate to provide information to the authorities in case of spotting the products for sale,” CamControl said.

On December 22, CamControl announced it would block the import of Milumel Bio1, Picot and Picot Pepti Junior products.