Sunday , September 22 2019
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Australia-based tech company opening offices and lab in Ogden’s BDO

Australia-based tech company opening offices and lab in Ogden’s BDO

OGDEN : An Australia-based technology company will soon open up shop in Ogden’s largest business park.

According to an Ogden City press release, KordUSA, a subsidiary of the Australia-based KordTech, will open new office and lab facilities later this year at the Boyer Business Depot Ogden. A ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. June 17 at Kord’s new facility at 1069 Stewart Drive in the BDO.

According to the city’s release, Kord develops and produces technology that allows people to “quickly and safely control multiple electronic devices while on the move and without having to take their eyes or hands off task.” The company’s technology has applications in the defense and law enforcement sectors and is used in underwater computing technology, with applications for research, maritime archaeology and commercial projects, according to the city.

Kord has spent several years researching the area and coordinating with Ogden City, the release says. Support from the city and a close proximity to aerospace and defense companies contributed to the company’s decision to move to Ogden.

Additional manufacturing operations will occur in Logan and Salt Lake City.

Kord’s Ogden location will include office and production test facilities with engineering staff responsible for production planning, quality control, assembly, and testing. The company is also partnering with several local suppliers across the Wasatch Front, and expects to be production ready by the close of this year, the release says.

Ogden City and Salt Lake City-based real estate developer the Boyer Company run the BDO in a public-private partnership. After expenses, the two entities split lease revenue from the park 50-50. The 1,118-acre BDO has around 200 to 250 acres of land that can still be developed. The once military installation turned business park currently has over 6,000 employees, 125 businesses and 11.2 million square feet of building space.