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Wide array of goods to be put on auction at PICT from Dec 19-26

Wide array of goods to be put on auction at PICT from Dec 19-26

KARACHI: A wide array of goods would be offered at an auction that would be held at the Pakistan International Container Terminal (PICT) from December 19-26, 2014.

The goods put up for auction of fresh and leftover and rejected lots include 15,620 kilograms of old and used computer system; 62,465 kilograms of ceiling tiles and  fibre board; 49,060 kilograms of cotton-blended curtain fabrics, cotton fabric rags, dyed and white fabric, dyed fabric and dyed fabric cut; 5,770 kilograms of electronic weighing  counter scale; 12,490 kilograms of animal hide (apparently cow hide) in assorted sizes; 10,880 kilograms sodium hydroxide in the form of white pellets 200 plastic drum (30 pellets) and 69,460 kilograms used spring mattress.

Also, 3,338 kilograms of baby polyester frock in assorted colours and designs; 9,640 kilograms of assorted battery operated and manual toys; 2,887 kilograms of toothpaste gel with brush; 1,180 kilograms of assorted size and types of plastic bindia; 17,150 kilograms of polyester cord fabric serviceable; 13,370 kilograms of fully automatic washing machines; 16,160 kilograms of waste lube oil and 22,800 kilograms used solar panels, solar dry batteries would also be auctioned.

Used Mitsubishi truck mounted with crane; 5.080 kilograms UPS; 6,320 kilograms auto parts; 10,870 kilograms used clothing including knitted garments, shirt, sweaters, blankets; 14,310 kilograms second hand ladies and gents wear; 15,480 kilograms of used shoes; 18,000 kilograms tyre cutting scrap 3 pieces; 19,340 kilograms tyre rubber scrap; 17,980 kilograms sodium format; 22,515 kilograms used assorted electronics items; a used Toyota Corolla Sienna XLE; one used Toyota Previa (GS) would also be offered.

A large number and a wide and varied variety of other items including chemicals; industrial as well as household and commercial items would also be offered at the auction at Model Customs Collectorate office of the Deputy Collector of Customs, PICT, East Wharf, Karachi.