Tuesday , July 17 2018
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ASO Hyderabad takes tanker & diesel valued at Rs11.9m into possession

ASO Hyderabad takes tanker & diesel valued at Rs11.9m into possession

HYDERABAD: The Model Customs Collectorate, Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO), Customs Preventive Hyderabad, has impounded 60,000 liters of smuggled Iranian diesel and an oil tanker worth Rs11.9million including duty/tax during a crackdown on Bypass Hyderabad during the last week of July 2017/18.

Diesel was being transported from Hub Balochistan to interior Sindh, Mirpur Khas. Sources told Customs Today that Customs Collector Akhlaq Ahmad Khattaq ordered the curbing of smuggling.

Sources told Customs Today that Additional Collector Customs Hyderabad Rehmatullah Vistro received a tip-off regarding the smuggling of Iranian diesel.

Following the information, the additional collector formed a team, comprising superintendent Ghulam Shabbier Phulpoto, Inspector Imad Ali Abro, Inspector Abdul Majeed Barich, Inspector Iqbal Mughal, Inspector Mushtaque Ali lakho, Sepoys and driver, to foil the smuggling bid.

The ASO team intercepted the oil tanker plying on the road with registration No: TLX-394 near Bypass Hyderabad and recovered 60,000 liter of smuggled HSD Iranian diesel. The market value of the confiscated diesel is Rs3million involving duties and taxes of Rs1.9million including the worth of oil tanker Rs7million.

The ASO team asked the driver to produce the legal documents regarding the possession of diesel and oil tanker but he failed to do so.

The ASO team impounded the diesel besides the oil tanker and apprehended an accused Mohammad Ismail, a resident of Hub Balochistan, under the prevailing customs bylaws including Section 2(s) &16,157 of Customs Act-1969 punished under clause (8) (89) of section 156(1) of the Customs Act-1969 &section 157(2)16.

It may be remembered that the authorities concerned impounded a large quantity of Iranian diesel along with three oil tankers during the past one month.