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ASO Hyderabad confiscates various items at two checkposts of Sukkur during July

ASO Hyderabad confiscates various items at two checkposts of Sukkur during July

HYDERABAD: The Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) Hyderabad, Customs Preventive, has confiscated foreign origin non-duty-paid 280 smuggled automatic juice blenders valued at Rs1.1million during an action at a check-post of Sukkur division during July 2017-18.

Collector Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Hyderabad Akhlaq Ahmed Khattaq directed his staff that smuggling attempts be aborted in the region. Additional Collector Rehmatulah Vistro received a tip-off regarding the contraband foreign origin non-duty-paid juicer blenders.

He formed a team consisting of ASO Customs Preventive Sukkur In-charge check-post Inspector Makhan Khan, Inspector Juirial Abbasi, Inspector Abdul Rauf Bhutto, Sepoys and driver.

The team intercepted a public transport vehicle near a checkpost of Sukkur and recovered foreign origin non-duty-paid 280 automatic juicer blenders. The market value of the item is Rs760000 involving duties and taxes of Rs397100.

Before the recovery of goods, the officials asked the driver for producing the documents regarding the legal import of the items but he could not prove anything lawful. The team impounded the item under the Customs Act-1967.

The ASO deposited the impounded goods into Sukkur division State Warehouse.

Meanwhile, The Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO), Customs Preventive Sukkur, has seized foreign origin non-duty-paid 100 pieces of smuggled door-closers and non-duty-paid computer accessories worth Rs3.4million involving duties/taxes of Rs1.6million during an action in Dera Mori Sukkur division during July 2017 18.

Following a tip-off received by Collector Akhlaq Ahmad Khattaq, the ASO team conducted a raid on Dera Mori to frustrate the smuggling bid.

Under the supervision of Additional Collector Rehmatulah Vistro, ASO team carried out a search operation and recovered the100 pieces of smuggled door closers worth Rs500000 lakh involving duties/taxes of Rs261250 lakh while computer accessories are worth Rs3million involving duties and taxes of Rs1.4million.

The ASO registered separate cases of smuggling against the accused and forwarded the cases to the customs adjudication.

After a seizure report, the ASO team deposited the confiscated items into Sukkur State Warehouse.