Friday , July 20 2018
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Arab investors

Arab investors

According to media reports, Qatari and Emeriti investors own three times more properties in London than the British Queen. Saudi princes have also invested billions of dollars in the United States, Britain, France, Germany and other countries of Europe. Only a single Saudi prince has invested over $35 billion in US and the list of investors goes on. Reports suggest that Canary Wharf Group Investment Holdings is co-owned by Qatar Holdings and American investment group Brookfield is the largest property owner in London with 21.5m sq ft of space on its record. The Qatari government also owns 1.8m sq ft, making it the most dominant force in London’s real estate market whereas the Queen owns just under 7.3m sq ft.

According to his own statement, the Qatari head of investment agency admits that Qatar’s investment into UK has reached $65 billion as London is the preferred investment destination for Arab sheikhs.The Qatar investment agency also owns the site of the Chelsea Barracks, the Olympic Village and some of the city’s largest buildings, placing it within the top 100 landowners in the capital, putting the London Corporation at the second place.

Reports also suggest that Kuwait has been aggressively investing abroad for the last few years and is not behind other regional property competitors.The Kuwaiti investors entered the market and acquired 3.65m sq ft in a relatively short period of time, standing at 16th on the list of prominent London investors.The unfortunate part of the behavior of Arab sheikhs is that they flock to Pakistan every year not only to kill precious and endangered species but also plunder and destroy hundreds of hectors agriculture land owned by local farmers. Some media reports suggest Arab sheikhs are also in the habit of marrying local young girls by offering little money to their poor parents in blatant violation of local laws, customs and traditions. The volume of Arab investment in the country is mere peanuts as compared to their investment in Europe. The whole situation also shows the apathy of our own rulers who have no tinge of conscience in them to protect dignity of the country, honour of the nation and respect of their ownself.

Every country and nation respects its own people, but Pakistani officials will do respect every Tom, Dick and Harry except the Pakistanis nationals. If Arab sheikhs prefer Europe over Pakistan for investment, they do not deserve any special treatment in this country.