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Appraisement-West lodges FIR against importers of banned Indian antibiotic

Appraisement-West lodges FIR against importers of banned Indian antibiotic


KARACHI: The Appraising Intelligence Branch of the Model Customs Collectorate of Appraisement-West has registered a first information report (FIR) against Ziauddin of Cemi Zone and clearing agent Hussain Rajwani of Rajab Ali and Sons for their involvement in clearance of Indian antibiotic, which is not importable under Import Policy Order 2013.

According to details, the AIB officials received information that some importers were involved in clearance of certain items from India which were not importable in terms of Appendix-G of the Import Policy Order 2013.

In order to confirm the veracity of the information, a consignment imported from India by trader Ziauddin of Cemi Zone being cleared vide a Goods Declaration No KAPW-HC-41216-18-09-2014 was detected.

Scrutiny of the relevant computerised data revealed that the consignment was imported from Covalent Laboratories Pvt Ltd in India vide bill of lading No SKL/0914/00071 and Invoice No Exp/10234890/2014-2015 and GD for clearance of the same through customs agent Rajab Ali and Sons declared to contain 5000 kg, SDO-222, claiming PCT Heading 3824.9099 at a declared unit value $0.45 per kg.

In order to confirm the declaration given by the trader vide aforesaid GD, the consignment was referred for physical examination which was so carried out and representative sample were drawn and forwarded to Custom House Laboratory for analytical test.

Therefore, the Custom House Laboratory vide its report No 10314 reported that the goods consist of mixture organic ester, amino compound modified with carboxyl function compound in the form of white powder.

Since, the declared description SDO-222 appeared to be vague and the information gathered through other sources, the samples were also forwarded to HEJ Laboratory, University of Karachi for analytical test.

The HEJ Laboratory vide report identified that the consignment actually consists of Cefixime antibiotic. The consignment being liable to confiscation has therefore been seized in terms of Section-168 of the Customs Act, 1969, fulfilling all legal formalities.

Therefore, the description ascertained by HEJ Laboratory is classifiable under PCT heading 2941.9060 chargeable to Custom Duty @15 percent as against the declared PCT heading 3824.9099 chargeable to Custom Duty @10 percent. The import of Cefixime is not permitted from India in terms of Serial-54 of Appendix-G to the Import Policy Order-2013, notified vide SRO 193(I)/2013.

The AIB officials concerned after conducting the thorough investigation was found that the importer Cemi Zone violated the provision of Section 16 and guilty of offence as defined under Section 32, 32A and 192 of the Customs Act 1969, punishable under clauses 9, 14, 14A, 86 and 90 of the Section 156 ibid, read with Section 1 of Section3 of the Import 7, Export Control Act, 1950 and Appendix-G of the Import Policy Order-2013 as notified vide SRO193(I)/2013.