Friday , January 19 2018
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Apple’s iPhone 6S ready to jump straight to iPhone 7

Apple’s iPhone 6S ready to jump straight to iPhone 7

NEW YORK: Apple’s historical release iPhone 6S is coming next, but its recent actions suggest it’s ready to jump straight to the iPhone 7. While the iPod touch 6 was supposed to arrive in September. The one thing these two new products will have in common: the A9 chip.

Apple is showing a sudden aggression when it comes to its mobile product releases. It began when the iPhone 5C was launched alongside the 5S, a quiet first step toward shaking up its once reliable one-model-per-year pattern. That shifted further in 2014 with a bold new iPhone 6 with a larger screen and an ambitious high-risk iPhone 6 Plus model. The company has been rewarded with record sales across the board. It’s difficult to see Apple pulling back on the reins on that aggressiveness with a modest iPhone 6S model in 2015, which is why we now believe Apple will hold the iPhone 7 release date in 2015 instead.

The iPod touch 6th generation is increasingly unlikely to debut prior to the holiday season, which points to Apple having no intention of offering a new iTouch with the styling and specs of the iPhone 6. That could be a matter of Cupertino wanting to wait to see how the bigger size of the iPhone 6 plays out before deciding what to do with the size of the next iPod touch. With Apple clearly in no hurry, that points to the next Touch being based around next year’s iPhone 7, including its styling and its next-generation A9 microprocessor.

This news will make would-be iPhone buyers thrilled, as it means they’ll end up with an iPhone 7 instead of merely an iPhone 6S. The news will be far less exciting to those waiting to buy the iPod touch 6th generation, as it means they may have to wait until well into 2015 before getting chance to buy their new model. But it appears increasingly likely that the iPhone 7 release date and the iPod touch 6 release date will end up happening concurrently.