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Apple lovers to get iPhone 6 Plus on cheap rates on Black Friday, Christmas

Apple lovers to get iPhone 6 Plus on cheap rates on Black Friday, Christmas

NEW YORK: A good news for the lovers of iPhone 6 Plus is that it will be available at this year’s Black Friday or Christmas in a cheaper rates.

Here are a few reasons why iPhone 6 Plus is a great device to buy when it will get cheaper on the upcoming Black Friday or Christmas.

Metal build

iPhone 6 Plus comes with a 5.5inch screen size, but at the same time Apple made sure that they will bring a premium and a solid build to their latest phablet. iPhone 6 Plus features a mixture of glass and metal chassis which will surely attract a lot of buyers.


Apple worked really hard on this device and they brought the thinnest device from its class. The iPhone 6 Plus is only 7.1mm thickness which is way thinner than the Galaxy Note 4, as the Samsung device is 8.5mm thick.


Reviewers are saying that Apple’s Retina panel in way better than Samsung’s AMOLED display when you are using your device in a sunny day. Some users say that they can see well when they are using iPhone 6 Plus than when using Galaxy Note 4 when they are outdoor. This is because iPhone 6 Plus comes with a brighter beam and resist glare, which make it better for outdoor use.

One hand feature

Apple came with a bright idea of allowing its users to navigate on their device with one hand. By double tapping the Home button, your device’s interface slides down, allowing you to use only one hand while surfing on your device. Look below to see exactly how to do it:

Calling using Wi-Fi

T-Mobile and Apple made a partnership and now you can use Wi-Fi for both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This allows you to stay connected when your cellular signal is not that strong. When this happens, your device will automatically switch to Wi-Fi but keeps you connected with the call.

Battery Life

Apple has promised that both their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will come with a stronger battery, which was made possible by integrating between the 64bit A8 chip and the new iOS 8, which will speed up the 64bit mobile computing.

Next week it will be Black Friday once again, and a lot of devices will get huge discounts. This is the time they consider getting your hands on an iPhone 6 Plus.